And So It Begins!

Hello everyone and welcome to my official website. My name is Dennis R. Upkins. You can call me Denny.

I’m very stoked about launching this site and look forward to connecting with fans and making many more exciting posts.

With my debut novel Hollowstone slated to come out this year, my writing career is definitely evolving to the next level.

And what is Hollowstone, you ask? Here’s a little intel:

Life for Noah Scott changes drastically when he is accepted to Hollowstone Academy, one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country set in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee. Within the hallowed halls of the illustrious school, Noah soon discovers that the world of the privileged is rife with social hierarchies, politics, depravity and corruption. It is also there that Noah meets his roommate and best friend, the charming and enigmatic Caleb Warner.

Tragedy soon strikes when Cal is brutally murdered in a hold-up. But when Noah is haunted by Cal’s ghost, he soon discovers that the random act of violence was in fact a premeditated one. Determined to uncover the truth and find Cal’s killer, Noah soon finds that the school and its patrons have more than their share of secrets. Secrets they are willing to preserve at any cost. Through a series of prophetic dreams and visions, Noah also quickly learns that greater supernatural forces are at play. In a race against time, Noah must solve Cal’s murder and uncover the truth before he’s the killer’s next victim.

Hollowstone is in many respects an homage and a modern retelling of the Great Gatsby. A sordid tale of the elite with secrets, betrayal and mystery, it’ll no doubt appeal to fans of Gossip Girl as well as Brick, Whistler and Veronica Mars.

But the speculative elements are also in full effect as this paranormal saga also blends in elements of noir and southern gothic.

But what also makes this story especially unique is that it provides an unflinching look on many injustices that plague society. It wasn’t something I consciously set out to do but as I delved deeper into the plot, it just flourished organically.

But perhaps Hollowstone’s greatest strength is that it will no doubt appeal to a very large demographic. Not surprising seeing that it has a very diverse cast. Noah for instance is a black teen and the novel also features a number of queer characters which include Neely one of the other primary protagonists.

Hollowstone is a very powerful story and certainly one that needed to be told. But then again, I could be just a little biased. Maybe…..just a little. LOL.

A little bit about me. I was born and raised in Nashville, TN. I graduated from the Univ. of TN at Chattanooga with a B.A. in English and later from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a B.F.A. in media arts & animation.

In addition to being a writer, I’m also an accomplished artist and digital photographer. I’ll probably post some of my favorite pieces here as well.

In the weeks to come I’ll be posting more on Hollowstone, on being a novelist, tips for writing aspirants and just good ole geeky fandom stuff in general.

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for reading and always feel free to drop me a line.



Speculative Fiction Novelist. Author of Hollowstone, West of Sunset and other cool stories. Wordsmith, activist and nerd seraph. Saving the world and/or taking it over.