12 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Purchase Hollowstone

12 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Purchase Hollowstone on June 17:

1. Characters Welcome: These characters are flawed, complex, complicated, organic and real. They drive the plot because character is plot and the plot is character.

2. It’s A Compelling Tale For Teens and Adults: Hollowstone is a complex saga that doesn’t insult the audience’s intelligence. I think there are many young adults out there who are craving more stories like this. And while this is a YA novel, I believe adults will also find themselves deeply immersed in the story.

3. It’s A Throwback/Nod To The Classics: Hollowstone also serves as both an homage and a modern day retelling of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Influences of Rebel Without A Cause can also be found in the story. Fans of Whistler, Brick and Veronica Mars will also want to check out this book.

4. The Primary Protagonist Is A Person Of Color: Even in the 21st century, even after electing a black president to the Oval Office, we still only have a dearth of stories where POCs are featured in anything other than minor and supporting roles. How many stories are out there that features a black teen as the protagonist.? Not enough. We need more protagonists of color. We desperately need to see them presented as three dimensional human beings, debunking stereotypes, exposing the pervasive casual racism that still exists, and showing us through their journey what it truly means to be a person of color in society.

5. Compelling Queer Characters: In addition to one of the main characters being a bisexual female teen, and other gay characters. Hollowstone takes an unflinching look at the brutality of homophobia that teens face.

6. It Tackles Social Issues: Hollowstone is not for the faint of heart. It takes aim at social issues with both barrels. From racism, to women’s issues, to homophobia, hate crimes, domestic violence, child abuse, poverty, classism, corruption, etc. Many of the depictions are actually based on real life accounts. It’s unflinching and it’s unapologetic. The novel doesn’t presume to have the answers, in fact none are presented. What the novel does do is point a light on said issues in the hopes of sparking genuine self reflection and a dialogue. And speaking of conversation, I think Hollowstone would definitely prompt some discussions between parents and children.

7. Speculative Elements Are Speculative: Paranormal/Southern Gothic/contemporary noir, you are going to get a bang for your buck. From ghosts, angels, demons, psychics, to pagans, prophesies and messiahs, Hollowstone redefines the term, “The Dirty South.”

8. You’ll Make Me Money: Money for me is always awesome.

9. You WANT To Make Me Money: No really, you do. And I love having money made for me. Note the synergy.

10. Hollowstone Will Make You Coolest Kid On The Block: You know how pretentious intellectual types always reference some author or novel, you’ve never heard of. I can be that author for you and Hollowstone can be that novel. At least until you make me lots of money and and make me rich and famous. But even then, you’ll have eternal bragging rights that you discovered my work before the rest of the world. See how this works out for everyone?

11. I’m Really Pretty: And that’s just as vital a reason as any.

12. Hollowstone Is Something Very Special: This story was penned during my first year of National Novel Writing Month. It also made it to the semi finals and had a very strong showing in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award competition. Hollowstone was a labor of love and certainly a rollercoaster for me. It was exhausting, frustrating, challenging, exciting, dark, fun and profound. But it’s all been well worth it. Especially now, getting to talk to people about the novel, I’ve fallen in love with the story all over again. Hollowstone is a story that needed to be told and I would be both honored and humbled to share this gem. I urge each and every one of you to check out Hollowstone. It’s an incredible story. But then again, I could be a little bit biased. Maybe……just a little.  😉


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