Groovy Deadly Swag: Another Five Star Review Of Hollowstone

Michael M. Jones of Realms of Fantasy Magazine had this to say about Hollowstone:

When Noah Scott wins a scholarship to the exclusive Hollowstone Academy, he enters a world of privilege and opportunity. As one of the very few black students, he stands out, but his roommate, the rich and popular Caleb Warner helps him settle in. Soon, Noah is caught up in the academic grind and entangled in the school’s mysteries, scandals, romances, and intrigues. It all turns sour when Cal is killed but his ghost lingers. In order to solve Cal’s murder, Noah must delve into Hollowstone’s darkest secrets, which seem tied to a greater supernatural scheme. With its diverse cast of characters, myriad plotlines, and a callback to Fitzgeraldian sensibilities (evoking The Great Gatsby), this book tackles some heavy themes along the way. Unfortunately, a lot happens for the slim page count, suggesting that a more leisurely approach might have worked better. It’s a strong debut, and Upkins shows lots of promise.




Yep, pretty much.


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