Hollowstoned At Work

Hollowstone has been a huge hit at work which is really awesome seeing as I have done very little to promote or discuss the novel. When I first began at the Office, I didn’t discuss Hollowstone because I didn’t want to give off the impression that I wasn’t focused on the job or I was being vain or whatnot but I had mentioned the novel in passing.

Several folks were impressed that they had a real live published author for a co-worker. One day my supervisor grabbed a copy of my novel from my desk to take to her meeting to show off to the other supervisors and upper brass that someone on her team was an accomplished author.

Many folks have bought the novel and I’ve had the pleasure of signing them which is pretty awesome and humbling.

My last few meetings with my supervisor has gone something like this.

Supervisor: Okay Denny, we’re going to discuss your performance evaluation in just a moment but first there’s something important I need to discuss with you. Hollowstone! OMG! You have got to tell me about Cal’s origins. What’s going to happen? I’m in the second part of the book and it’s just getting crazy.

Denny: Don’t worry business is about to pick up. After all, it’s all connected.

Not gonna lie impressing colleagues with my book, kinda awesome.

[pops collar, like a boss]


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