Another Starred Review (Of Sorts) For Hollowstone

My day job at the office can best be described as a beautiful disaster. It can be frustrating and stressful but thankfully I’ve got some wonderful co-workers and an awesome supervisor who manage to keep me sane.

And it appears my diabolical scheme to become the dominant uber alpha super worker in the office is succeeding. My performance stats have been without equal and I’m one of only four people in my department to be getting extra bonuses.

[pops collar like a boss]

One of the things I do to keep me motivated is prop up a copy of Hollowstone on my desk. Some people keep pics of their loved ones or children on their desk, I keep my “baby” on my desk as well. When I’m stressed or worried, it’s a reminder of what I’ve accomplished and what lies ahead for me.

So outside of the director’s office is a board of the office’s top performers whose pics are pasted atop of gold and silver stars. My curiosity got the better of me because I noticed my pic hadn’t been taken and I wandered over to have a gander. Turns out one of the supervisors took a snapshot of Hollowstone (presumably while I was at lunch) and posted the pic.

This amused me to no end. Hence my sharing this story.


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