Homecoming: Full Circle

The Great Escape was true to its name for me as a kid. On many Friday nights, I would go in and grab a stack of my favorite comic books.  Even as a child the one thing I wanted to be, other than the larger than life superheroes, was a storyteller whose work would one day be on shelves like those that held my favorite series.

When I came home for college break, it was a ritual that I would stop by the Great Escape and pick up my favorite titles.

When I moved back to Nashville, I actually worked at the Great Escape for a few years. While there I had some great times and made some lifelong friends. It was also while working there that I began developing Hollowstone.

As many of you know, yesterday was my book signing. For me it was only right to have my first book signing at the one store in Nashville I call home. Sort of a homecoming, if you will. During the signing yesterday, I realized how much I had come full circle. I went from the wide-eyed kid with the ambitious dream of one day becoming a storyteller to the storyteller coming home.

To Doug, Monk, Ben, Russ, the rest of the gang at the Great Escape, and to everyone who stopped by yesterday, thanks for making Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011, a special day I’ll never forget.

It should be noted that this flawless pic was taken by my 4-year-old nephew, Braylin. 

And Captain America approves of this book signing. And if Cap approves then it must be awesome.

My man Monk holding down the buying counter and the store.

Benjy, having a Revlon/Maybelline moment.

The lovely Katherine and yours truly.

My gorgeous sister Beyonce Ashley, and me looking like a dork….as usual. Or adorkable, maybe? I can go with adorkable.

My adorable and very precocious nephew, Braylin.

My uncle Louis and my cousin Caleb.

The two of us proudly displaying the other’s books. Louis is the author of the critically acclaimed book, Treat Me Like A Customer . I can’t recommend it enough.


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4 thoughts on “Homecoming: Full Circle

  1. Congratulations!!! I’m just finding your blog and cant wait to dig into it. Your first book is such a great moment. Hopefully, I can share that experience one day soon 🙂

  2. Thank you so much. And I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about Hollowstone. I also look forward to seeing your novel one day as well.

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