Occupy North Pole

Sick of the holiday season? The rampant consumerism? Society’s greed? And everyone acting rude and obnoxious jerks and embodying everything that goes opposite of what this holiday season is supposed to be about?

Well we have a movement for you. It’s called Occupy North Pole. We’re taking on the one percent that gets ignored: Santa Claus.pitiful wages to the poor tiny elves, his rampant discrimination of minorities: reindeers and misfit toys alike. We say that Mr. Claus has gone too far.

My girls Sisterspooky and Jesterwitch are joining me in this as well as Scrooge, the Grinch, Rudolph, the Misfits. We’re also briniging in the big guns: Jack Bauer.

Oh yes big man, you’re going down!

But wait! There’s more. My man Skeletor is getting in on the action and he’s about ready to turn this Yule out.

Who’s with me? OCCUPY NORTH POLE! Let’s make it happen!!!!!!


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  1. I shall be posting my own ‘movement’ post next week. The more man power we can get the better!

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