MidSouthCon Schedule

I am in Memphis this weekend for MidSouthCon and I am too stoked for words.

If you’re in the Midsouth area this weekend and you’re looking for something fun to do, come hang out with me and a host of other awesome peeps.

Friday, 3/23 9:00 PM Broken People “Writing characters with real flaws and real problems.”

Friday, 3/23 10:00 PM Diversity in SpecFic There’s no shortage of fantastic creatures in spec fic,but when it comes to humans are we lacking in variety?

Saturday, 3/24 2:00 PM Pro-Row Sat-2p Autograph Sessions

Sunday, 3/25 3:00 PM Give and Take Getting the best of a critique (or critique group). How to give useful information, and how not to take it personally.


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4 thoughts on “MidSouthCon Schedule

  1. I HATE that I couldn’t attend this!!! Why couldn’t it have been a week later (spring break)??? It sounded awesome as all get-out!!!!

  2. I wish I could have attended this! Why couldn’t it have been held a week later (spring break)??? It sounds too awesome for words!

  3. By the by beautiful, I’m actually going to be in your neck of the woods for a convention in May. We needs to meet up like whoa!!!!!!

  4. It was a pleasure to meet you, get an autographed copy of your novel, and attend the “Diversity in SpecFic” panel. I recommend reading Seanan McGuire’s recent livejournal post, “Show, don’t tell: why they need to be there” before your trip to Norwescon; it might give you good fodder for discussion for your Friday night panels.


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