The Great Gatsby Game

You can thank and/or blame my boy Jackson for this one. As many of you are aware, The Great Gatsby was one of the major inspirations for my novel Hollowstone. The first half of the novel especially serves as a modern retelling/homage to the Fitzgerald classic.

So imagine my surprise when I learned of this:

Jackson said it best: “It captures perfectly that moment in the book when Nick starts smacking butlers with his boomerang porkchop, doesn’t it?”

And I also learned yesterday that there’s going to be a new Great Gatsby film:


I think this film can go either way. On the one hand it has DiCaprio and Maguire whch is awesome but on the other, they’re trying to glam it up and make it too slick. I’ll check it out just to see how they handle the material.


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One thought on “The Great Gatsby Game

  1. Baz Luhrmann directing plus Leo DiCaprio starring in an adaptation of a classic tale is a proven formula. I really think Luhrmann will do it justice.

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