Conversations Outside The Box

While I’ve been busy writing and working on other projects, I’ve also been making some cameos on some most excellent websites:

First up, yours truly had the distinct honor of being featured on Womanist Musings by my girl Renee. My piece, 10 Conversations On Racism I’m Sick Of Happening With White People is live now on her site. This piece explains some of the crap that people of color have to contend with in their day-to-day. I highly recommend you give a gander. It may open your eyes and provide a new perspective.

Next up I have guest post up on Sisterspooky’s blog in honor of Geek Week. Entitled Looking Outside The Box, I give recs for excellent comic books and graphic novels that respectfully and awesomely feature marginalized protagonists.

Much thanks to both of these awesome ladies for allowing me the privilege and pleasure of being featured on their wonderful blogs.


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