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So I recently learned that on Dec. 15, Sniplits will be closing its doors. Given the climate of the economy and the publishing market right now, it’s understandable. For 7 years founder/publisher Anne S. delivered some excellent stories from some truly talented up and coming authors.

I’m also honored to state that Sniplits was actually the first market where I made my first major sale many years back with my story, Stranger Than Fiction.

After repeated botched assignments, the demon Zeke is given one last chance to save his immortal hide by eliminating a target on Earth. Posing as a babysitter in the target’s home, Zeke befriends young VJ, but soon learns all is not as it seems.

It’s an action comedy with more than a few surprise twists. I was especially proud of this sale because it was the first story I sold that I was truly in love with. I will always be grateful to Anne for giving me the opportunity at a time when many other markets didn’t bother opening their doors to POC authors.

If you haven’t heard Stranger Than Fiction, you should. In fact, there’s a connection between this audio short and Hollowstone.

So check it out. And check out some of the other excellent stories on Sniplits.

And to Anne and the other fine folks who made Sniplits a reality, take a bow. Thank you.



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