Personal Resolutions For 2013


Why yes my hair is channeling some serious John Barrowman.


As I do around this time every year, I’ve been reflecting and making New Years resolutions or personal commitments for self improvement. Interestingly enough, I’m actually good about keeping my resolutions as last year proved.

So as of now, the following are my personal resolutions for 2013.

1) I will continue to work on my novels and stories (obviously) and seek out areas of opportunities to improve my craft and take my career to the next level. I’m also going to figure out a way to get more organized about my writing times.

2) I’m going to continue to socialize with friends and loved ones and try to hang out with them when the opportunities present themselves. It definitely helped last year in regards to stress, sadness and whatnot so I’m definitely going to continue to do that.

3) I have tons of books I need to read and catch up on. I need to organize a schedule for that as well. And I need to remind myself it’s okay if I don’t get to all of them at once.

4) I’m going to review my longterm goals and decide where I want to be, what I’m going to do and make moves to achieve those goals…..when I figure them out. This won’t happen overnight but I’ll definitely be looking at what I want career-wise, where I want to live, what’s feasible and what are my options.

5) Continue to improve on myself, physically, mentally and spiritually. Continue to be patient with other. It’s just as important that I be patient and forgiving of myself.

6) Continue to play video games. It’s good as a stress reliever. Especially when you work 10 hour shifts and quite frankly I’m acting like a kid again which is weird because when I was a kid I was 10 going on 45. *shrugs shoulders*

7) I’m going to start having some Gina Torres marathons be it Suits, Firefly, Serenity, Angel, the Matrix, Hercules, Xena, Justice League or any other show/movie the Goddess has graced. Because you can never have too much Gina Torres in your life.


Just saying.


8) Continue to spend more time with Casper (my iPhone 5) who has just been a godsend.

9) Try to take more vitamins. I hear they’re good for you.

10) Give myself a reprieve if I’m not able to do any or all of these things. I’ll just simply start over and try again. And that’s okay.



So those are my personal resolutions for 2013. What’s yours?



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