This is news I’m all to happy to boost the signal for.

My buddy and fellow author, A.L. Olson, has a new book out entitled, Checkmate. This is a title you’l want to check out but more importantly, all the proceeds go towards a very special and important cause.




I have not had the opportunity to read the book yet (I’m on some writing deadlines at the moment) but the premise definitely caught my attention and I’ve already purchased it and downloaded it on my iPad. One of the reviews indicated that the book has more than a few surprise twists, something that yours truly loves. Game on! Um, pardon the pun.


Additional details can be found here. Go show a talented writer and an awesome writer some love. And by all means please repost and spread the word.





Navigating Through Race- The Plight of Storytellers of Color


While I’m always striving to take my writing career to the next level, I also think it’s just as important to stop and note the blessings I’ve received.

Hollowstone continues to make sales, Ars Marginal is running stronger than ever, West of Sunset is scheduled to be released this year, my con appearance lineup continues to increase, I’m doing interviews, and I continue to receive invites to do some social justice guest posts from some extraordinary men and women who I absolutely adore.

In March I penned the Myth of Black Homophobia for my favorite bartender Ankhesen Mie At The Bar. At the end of the month, I was asked to do a guest post, What Gay Marriage Won’t Do, for the legendary Monica Roberts of Transgriot fame where I broke down the dangers of  the mainstream LGBT’ movement’s over emphasis of gay marriage to the detriment of everything else (job discrimination, violence against trans people, LGBTQ teen homelessness, etc). I also had the chance to do a followup post.

And as of Friday, I had the immense honor and pleasure of penning a piece, Navigating Through Race for Fangs for the Fantasy which is headed up by the legendary Renee of Womanist Musings and my Ars Marginal cohort, Sparkindarkness.

Long before I “officially” met Renee and Sparky, I had been a huge fan of their blogs for years. They were so awesome in fact, I was too shy to introduce myself.  To be given the opportunity to contribute to a wonderful website run by some most excellent peeps is definitely another accomplishment for me.


and now for our feature presentation

The Place For Intelligent Radio

So while at Midsouthcon, I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting Walter and Misty who treated me to an interview for Witin Radio.

Two of the finest people you could ever meet, Walter and Misty were an absolute delight and I was honored to be interviewed and excited and a bit nervous as you can probably tell.

In the interview I tackle Hollowstone, race, representation, being a queer writer of color, and give a sneak peek for West of Sunset.

Have a gander.


witin interview

Next Gen Publishing

So I had the distinct pleasure of being on Next Gen Publishing panel with some very fine gents during Norwescon recently.

Thanks to Triple J who was gracious enough to film this and thanks to my buddy Kurt who was coming in from out of town and I wasn’t able to answer the phone.

And thanks to Starbucks for keeping me wired during a whirlwind of a weekend.



Norwescon Interview

So at Norwescon, Triple J and I had just finished lunch and I was in between panels so we decided to do an impromptu interview. I was uber-wired not only because of hanging out with one of my favorite peeps, but I was also consuming a ridiculous amount of caffeine that weekend.  A really fun interview that I immensely enjoyed.

Norwescon 36 Report

So Norwescon 36 rocked and true to its theme, yours truly saved the world and/or took it over. 😉

But I had help. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting two longtime Livejournal/Facebook online buds: Kirk Boxleitner and Jamie Jeans. I was touched and humbled by the fact that both of these fine extraordinary gents came in from out of town to meet up with me.

In addition I had the chance to connect with many of my Seattle/Norwescon crew. Fun was had as always.

I also got the chance to meet some fans old and new, do some networking and I’m happy to announce I sold out of my remaining copies of Hollowstone.

Yay me! I rule!

Thanks to Loree the rest of the Norwescon staff, my fellow panelists and all of the other fine folks for putting on another wonderful convention. I had an incredible time and was in the company of some of the finest group of people I’ve ever met.