Norwescon 36 Report

So Norwescon 36 rocked and true to its theme, yours truly saved the world and/or took it over. 😉

But I had help. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting two longtime Livejournal/Facebook online buds: Kirk Boxleitner and Jamie Jeans. I was touched and humbled by the fact that both of these fine extraordinary gents came in from out of town to meet up with me.

In addition I had the chance to connect with many of my Seattle/Norwescon crew. Fun was had as always.

I also got the chance to meet some fans old and new, do some networking and I’m happy to announce I sold out of my remaining copies of Hollowstone.

Yay me! I rule!

Thanks to Loree the rest of the Norwescon staff, my fellow panelists and all of the other fine folks for putting on another wonderful convention. I had an incredible time and was in the company of some of the finest group of people I’ve ever met.



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