Doctor Who? Dr. Upkins


Several friends have pointed out to me that whenever they see my Twitter handle, drupkins, they sound it out in their heads as Dr. Upkins. A number of them have mentioned that part of the reason is that they can so see me as a doctor, based on my personality and cerebral nature. No matter how many times I hear this, I’m always deeply flattered. The truth is my Twitter handle is simply comprised of the initials of my first and middle name and my full last name. That being said, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think Dr. Upkins didn’t have a nice ring to it.

This got me thinking about another doctor or rather, The Doktah.

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Children of Krypton


So in the Man of Steel review, I mentioned what a huge Superman fan I am and the impact he’s had on my life.

So today I wanted to do something a bit special and post some of my favorite pics celebrating the Last Son of Krypton:


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Hypericon 8 Report


So recently yours truly had the honor of being one of the guests at Hypericon 8 in Nashville.

Whenever attending a new con alone, I’m always nervous if I’ll be the odd one out or if I’ll be nervous. Truth be told I’m very shy and introverted. I say all this to explain that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Once I arrived, I felt at home and had friends aplenty (old and new) to have an incredible weekend with.

I also learned a few things:

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Review: Man of Steel


In the song All I Really Want, Alanis Morissette has one of my favorite lyrics of all time:

And I am fascinated by the spiritual man. I am humbled by his humble nature.

So Tuesday I caught Man of Steel. Going in I knew I didn’t know what to think about this film as I heard strong opinions on both sides.

The verdict?

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That Internet Wife of Mine


June seems to be the month of birthdays for my Ars Marginal crew. Last week we celebrated Triple J’s birthday and today I get the pleasure of celebrating another special person in my life.

My beloved internet wife, RVCBard, playwright and creator of “Tulpa or Anne & Me”, and the founder and leader of Ars Marginal.

And you know you’re something fierce when Amanda Waller is giving you a toast.

How RVCBard is an extraordinary woman, let me count the ways:



Maybe not. After all, to count the ways RVCBard is awesome is like the number Pi. It’s infinite.

But don’t take my word for it. Her majesty and a few others have a few words they’d like to share.


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Marvel, You’ve Got My Attention


So last week, I was reviewing the solicits for upcoming comics and saw this gem above:

An all female X-Men team being led by none other than the First Lady of Marvel, Storm. And note said all female team consists of not one, not two but three women of color.

Then I read about the upcoming Mighty Avengers which features a predominantly black roster and saw these beautiful renderings here:

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4 Questions, Eight Answers

So recently yours truly had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a discussion on the Outer Alliance Podcast.

Hat tip to the ever-wonderful Julia Rios for setting this up.

See what happens when 8 OA members answer the same four questions (about SF awards, what “metrosexual” means, identity politics and the term QUILTBAG, and recommended media from 2013) and provide a wide range of perspectives on each subject.