Marvel, You’ve Got My Attention


So last week, I was reviewing the solicits for upcoming comics and saw this gem above:

An all female X-Men team being led by none other than the First Lady of Marvel, Storm. And note said all female team consists of not one, not two but three women of color.

Then I read about the upcoming Mighty Avengers which features a predominantly black roster and saw these beautiful renderings here:




My reaction:

I was actually shocked to learn that Marvel SVP of Publishing, Tom Brevoort, was spearheading the project, in light of the previous and racist comments he made about an All-Black Avengers team being too contrived. Nevermind the countless all-white Avengers lineups we’ve witnessed over the years.

But what shocked me even more is that Brevoort actually reflected on his comments and conceded that minority fans have a point.

I applaud Brevoort for taking ownership and working to make Marvel more inclusive.

Why the sudden shift with Marvel? Maybe they’re wanting to garner the goodwill of marginalized fans that DC pissed away when they hired Orson Scott Card to pen Superman earlier this year. Maybe Marvel is on the verge of bankruptcy again and realized that diversity is good for business. Maybe Hell has frozen over and it’s being overrun by White Walkers. Who knows?

Marvel isn’t out of the woods with me yet as they have a notorious tendency to sabotage their own stories. However it looks like they’re making a good faith effort here and I for one plan to give them a shot and see how this plays out.

but if marvel fucks this up…………………………………………..


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  1. Babe, I swear…I got up and danced with Wednesday on principle. I’m not a comic book ‘head under any stretch of the imagination, but if they do this…I’m clocking in for it.

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