Happy Birthday Triple J


So this past week a group of us have gotten together to celebrate the birthday of one Triple J.

But don’t take my word for it. You can read why others think he’s a pretty special guy here, here, here, and here.

Truth is I don’t like many people. They have an inevitable tendency to prove to be more trouble than they’re worth. But for those elite few who prove to be worthwhile, I treasure them more than I do my Apple tech (and if you know how much of an Apple zealot I am, you know that’s saying a lot) and I never for a second take them for granted.

My closest friends don’t really become friends as they do loved ones, family. And my code about family is much akin to that of Dominic Torretto’s. Blood’s thicker than water but family is always thicker than blood, whether it’s an online peep or a bio relative.

Triple J is family.

I first met him a few years ago on my buddy Box’s blog. It wasn’t long before he and I hit it off. Pretty soon Jamie became a beloved regular on my blog. The two of us soon found ourselves having endless excellent conversations on Canada (or as I refer to it as Canadia), comic books, movies, tv, and even social justice issues. But what really impressed me is how even as a straight white male, Triple J actually went and took the initiative to educate himself on the dynamics of privilege and institutional oppression. More than that, he actually put his education into practice. An example would be his contributions to Ars Marginal and his video webseries Brain Food which promotes marginalized media.

But it didn’t stop there.

Triple J proved time and time again to be the true definition of Ride or Die. He’s always blessing his friends with gifts and going above and beyond for his friends without no thought of anything in return. For him, helping others is his own reward. And you don’t find many people like that in this world any longer.

This man drove a few hours to attend Norwescon just to meet me and Box. This man attended the Toronto Comic Expo just to surprise me by giving John Barrowman a copy of my novel, Hollowstone.

There have been times when we’ve chatted after a very trying day and his first reaction is to make certain I’m safe. This is a bit surreal for me as I’m usually the one doing that for my loved ones. So our conversations usually result in us bickering about letting us help the other. LOL!!!!!

While Triple J has a warm gentle nature but also a wise discerning one. His insight is sometimes bordering on preternatural.

Triple J has been a true gift to me and I thank God for blessing me by bringing him into my life.

So Triple J, on behalf of everyone else, let me just say one more time, happy birthday. I love you bro.





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