Why Dwayne McDuffie Was Better Than You

This repost is brought to you in celebration of Black Speculative Fiction Month.

Dennis R. Upkins


In continuing my celebration of being a black geek, today I’m discussing one of my all-time favorite writers, the late and brilliant Dwayne McDuffie.

While some writers and editors today are busy engaging in rape culture, or attacking female fans, or just being a homophobic bastard, McDuffie was penning epic and inclusive tales.

Most people think that because McDuffie was black he only campaigned for blackness in comics. Not true. McDuffie stood tall for all POCs, women’s rights as illustrated with Rocket’s story, gay heroes as proven by Static’s partner Gear, and trans protagonists such as Marissa Rahm in the miniseries Deathwish.

In short McDuffie was fighting for social justice long before it was the fad with spoiled white kids on Tumblr.

And because he’s not white, he won’t get the credit he’s due.

McDuffie made the following video discussing the harsh realities of being a black…

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