Character Study: Dr. Martha Jones

dr. martha jones

Over on Nashville Geek Life, I continue my new series entitled Character Study and celebrating Black History Month by discussing the journey, characterization, and reception of my favorite Doktah. Of course I would be talking about the one and only Dr. Martha Jones.

Oh yes, I go there.

The Doctor is in.

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The Unlikely Muse


Over on Latin Negro, yours truly has a guest post discussing how a storyteller’s inspiration can often come in the unlikeliest of forms.

I won’t lie, this is probably one of my favorite pieces I’ve penned this year.

Have a gander…..

Character Study: Zoe Washburne


So over on Nashville Geek Life, I’ve launched a new series called Character Study. Essentially I provide an analysis about a character in spec fic and explain what makes them unique and interesting.

With February being Black History Month, I wanted the inaugural post to focus on a character who personifies ‪#‎BlackExcellence‬. A Big Damn Heroine. A cowgirl by the name of Zoe Washburne, portrayed by the Goddess known as Gina Torres, perfection herself.

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Redefining Advocacy


As most people are aware, one of my favorite peeps is the incredible Monica Roberts. So you can imagine my excitement when she happily accepted a guest post I proposed regarding my journey in becoming a supporter of trans people and trans rights.

Too often you do have to kick some butt and take names because there are some things worth fighting to protect and preserve, such as the humanity of trans people, and make no mistake, society has waged war on them and other minorities. But if you know your history, then you know it’s a war that’s been going on for ages.

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