Character Study: Cyclops



And over on Nashville Geek Life, yours truly has a new character study piece on one Scott Summers aka Cyclops.

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It’s always honoring and humbling to know that my writing (even my musings on comic books) touches people in a profound way or inspires them.

Last week my buddy Derpetta V. Greene penned this piece based on some thoughts I shared on Facebook regarding three cornerstone characters in X-Men: Wolverine, Cyclops and Storm.

If you haven’t already, have a gander.

West of Sunset: Dramatis Personae

One of the most exciting things I love about releasing and promoting a new book is the opportunity to make fun and creative posts like this one where I discuss a little thing called dreamcasting. Now what is dreamcasting, some of you may ask? For the  uninitiated, dreamcasting is where I share who would be my ideal picks to portray the players of my novel in the hypothetical live-action adaptation. This often gets very interesting for me because how I envision the characters in my head while writing the characters and the actors portraying them can sometimes be vastly different and it sort of creates a sister universe of my own source material. That will probably make sense to absolutely no one else except a fellow storyteller. In any event, let’s proceed. sacha m'baye. Continue reading

Coming Soon: West of Sunset


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

Mark your calendars, my second novel, West of Sunset, is scheduled to drop on April 30, 2014.

My sophomore title will be released through Parker Publishing and will be available in both print and digital. Words cannot properly convey the excitement.

“I recalled some sage I once received from two friends, seraphim. They confirmed that the old saying was true. If you ever want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

For Brecken Everett, there’s never a dull moment. When he’s not dealing with a demanding course load and honing his magic as top student at Lightmage University, he’s working as a private investigator and using his skills to protect the innocent from the darkest forces. In two action-packed adventures, Breck demonstrates that outnumbered and outgunned is when he’s at his best:

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Intersectionality, A Milestone Theme

milestone 2

File this post under, Another Reason Why Dwayne McDuffie Was Better Than You.

So last week we all celebrated the life and legacy of one of the most gifted and progressive storytellers, ever to walk this earth, the late Dwayne McDuffie.

As expected, many discussed the amazing work he and his team did with making Milestone Comics a success, others mentioned his phenomenal work with fellow phenom Bruce Timm with creating over a decade of superb animated series and films.

Of course people pointed out that McDuffie paved the way for black storytellers in a way too vanillacentric medium that is the comic book industry.

While this is all true. It is not the whole story. To not tell the whole story diminishes the work and the accomplishments of this great man.


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