West of Sunset: Dramatis Personae

One of the most exciting things I love about releasing and promoting a new book is the opportunity to make fun and creative posts like this one where I discuss a little thing called dreamcasting. Now what is dreamcasting, some of you may ask? For the  uninitiated, dreamcasting is where I share who would be my ideal picks to portray the players of my novel in the hypothetical live-action adaptation. This often gets very interesting for me because how I envision the characters in my head while writing the characters and the actors portraying them can sometimes be vastly different and it sort of creates a sister universe of my own source material. That will probably make sense to absolutely no one else except a fellow storyteller. In any event, let’s proceed. sacha m'baye.

The Players

Brecken Everett- ( Sacha M’Baye) Brecken can best be summed up as an overachieving perfectionist. Case in point: hes top of his class at Lightmage University, one of the premiere magical universities on the planet. After overcoming a personal tragedy, Brecken is on a quest to discover himself. In the meantime, hes been recruited to join classmate Grant Nesss detective agency where they and their colleague Canon, tackle the most unusual cases and protect the innocent from any otherworldly threat. Whether its aiding the last of a presumably extinct race or staying one step ahead of a gang of vampires, Brecken has learned that for better or worse, his life is never boring. 

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Jacob Phoenix- (Kevin Zegers) Jacob, along with his twin brother Joshua, is the last of his race known as the Pyrians who vanished eons prior. Gifted with supernatural abilities, he, Joshua and their friends have been searching for clues to their past. Cocky, charismatic, Jacob’s vices include parties, women, thrills, and trouble.

kevin zegers

Joshua Phoenix- (Patrick Flueger) Grounded, responsible, and serious, Joshua is often the anchor in keeping his headstrong twin brother Jacob from getting them in over their heads. Like his brother, Joshua is the last of his race known as the Pyrians and the two have spent their lives searching for clues to their origins.

patrick flueger

Elroy Zuckerman- (Michael Angarano) Elroy is the Phoenix twinsoldest and closest friend. Hes been with the pair for years aiding them in their search for clues leading them to the past. Well versed in the occult, Elroys knowledge and connections have frequently proven to be invaluable.

Michael Angaran

Nemesis- (Jessica Lucas) Nemesis is a high ranking seraph who is assigned to Earth to battle demonic forces and protect the planet. Nemesiss earthbound cover is that of a police detective and often finds herself aiding the Phoenix twins in searching for clues to their past. An angelic soldier always at attention, Nemesis’s machine-like demeanor, focus, and unparalleled skill makes her the ideal weapon.


Andrew McCullough- (Sam Page) The hotheaded New York police detective just discovered that not only is the supernatural real and most of the stories he heard during his stint in Catholic school were real, but his partner, Nemesis, is in fact a seraph. While Andy’s temper can often land him in hot water, its his loyalty to those he cares about that makes him a valued ally.

sam page

Lennox & Bidella- (John Simm & Amy Manson) A notorious Bonnie & Clyde pair, Lennox and Bidella are demon warlocks who view themselves as revolutionaries. Ruthless and determined, the two plan to make certain no one interferes with their plans to reshape the world through the use of an ancient powerful relic; a relic being sought by the Phoenix brothers. 


amy manson

Tiffany- (Paris Hilton) The daughter of a Texas tycoon, this alluring heiress catches the eye of one Jacob Phoenix during the gangs Scotlands trip.

paris hilton

Colt- (Benjamin McKenzie) A reluctant member of Tiffanys entourage, Colt later proves to be a man of more than a few surprises, leading credence to the old adage, its always the quiet ones.

ben mckenzie

Owen Wecshler- (Austin Drage) Breckens best friend has recently discovered the truth about magic as well as Breck’s identity as a wizard. Though human and lacking in superpowers or training, Owen proves to be far from helpless and is more than capable of holding his own.

austin drage 2

Canon Martin- (Emma Stone) A bonafied spitfire, this Anime loving Girl Friday keeps the wizards in her life on their toes. Sharp-tongued and headstrong, this fearless redhead has captured the heart of one Lancaster Davis.

emma stone

Lancaster Davis- (Dule Hill) Known to his friends as Lance, the uptight wizard is second in his class at Lightmage University following Breck. The wizard has recently struck gold in the romance department in one Canon Martin.

dule hill

Shayna Whitfield- (Amber Riley) The classmate and friend of Lance, Grant and Brecken at Lightmage University, Shayna is an exceptional witch who is most proficient in potions. From time to time, her expertise proves to be an asset to Breck in class and on his cases.

amber riley

Jordan- (Olivia Wilde) The enforcer of the Vampire High Council and the leader of a Los Angeles biker gang. With an insatiable bloodlust for the hunt and carnage, Jordan has plans of her own which includes unleashing a dark power which threatens the entire planet.

olivia wilde

Violet Peters- (Kat Graham) A powerful witch, seer, and demon huntress, Violet enlists Brecken and Owen to aid her in rescuing her fiance, Wyatt, who has been kidnapped by Jordan for a sinister agenda. Breck and Owen quickly discover that Violet is a force to be reckoned with in her own right.


Wyatt- (Sean Faris) Wyatt is on vacation in Los Angeles, with his fiancee Violet when the two demon hunters are ambushed by Jordan and her gang and Wyatt is kidnapped. His beloved is determined to rescue him and wont allow anything or any vampire to stop her.


Hans- (Stephen Moyer) Head of the Los Angeles vampire house and a rising star among the High Council, Hans finds himself in a precarious position when he discovers that Jordan is planning to pull a coup. Despite his titles and sworn allegiances, the only side Hans ultimately chooses is his own.


Grant Ness- (Noah Bean) Shortly after relocating to Atlanta to attend Lightmage University, Ness crossed paths with mundane human Canon Martin. The two launched a detective agency to handle otherworldly threats and protect the innocent. It was Grant who recruited classmate Brecken to join the agency.


Characters are welcome. But then you already knew that.  😉

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