The Great DILF Post

So while I’ve got more guest posts lined up and will continue to discuss West of Sunset and few other interesting topics. I thought I’d shift gears for a second and do a fun post.

A fun post that was partially inspired by my good friend and cosplay phenom Cookie Layne.

So confession time: I LIKE DILFs and I cannot lie. You other brothers can’t deny.

DILFs aka silver foxes have a special place in my pants.

Boys are fun and boy toys are great……..*smiles and thinks back to a few weekends ago*….but there’s something about an older gent who’s settled, secure in his own skin, got some life experience, and can teach this eager precocious lad a few things. And as this post will illustrate (beautifully) that senior gents can easily hold their own with the boys.

Okay so there are many definitions to DILFs/Silver Foxes but for the sake of this post I’m defining it as men who are literally my parents age or older. YMMV.

These guys are the type of men who don’t get older, but simply get better.

And for those of you who have been studying my taste in men closely for 4 years, this will be on the midterm.

Shall we commence?

Photocall - Morning Glory


Martin Donovan- Been a fan of his since the film, The Opposite of Sex and he gave a killer performance in A&E’s the Great Gatsby which co-starred Paul Rudd and Mira Sorvino.


John McCook- Best known for his role as Eric, the patriarch of the Forrester Clan on the CBS’s the Bold and the Beautiful. Keep Ridge, keep Thorne. I’ll take one of him to go.

treat_williams_a_p filmes-1937-fotos-5726

Treat Williams- Star of Everwood and the only reason I eagerly watched the Substitute straight-to-DVD sequels. A treat indeed. 😉


Benito Martinez- Star of FX’s the Shield and featured last season on Sons of Anarchy, He is a joy to watch. And speaking of fellow Shield alum:

Benito Martinez


Jay Karnes

Jay Karnes- What can I say? He had me smitten playing adorkable Dutch on the Shield. I like em nerdy.

peter outerbridge

Peter Outerbridge- Star of Whistler, and reoccuring baddie yet oh so sexy Russian terrorist Ari Tassrov on CW’s Nikita. He was a constant distraction from both shows.

Brett Cullen

Brett Cullen- First learned about him on UPN’s Legacy. Whether it’s Justified, or Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, I make it a point to keep a lookout for this certifiable hunk.


Craig Ferguson- Survivor of personal tragedies, a hilarious comedian and a fellow nerd, what’s not to like?


Victor Garber- Loved him as Jack on Alias and he had the best line ever to best friend/rival/series Big Bad Arvin Sloan. “You beat death Arvin. But you couldn’t beat me.” And cheered when he confirmed what I long suspected in that he’s family.

Chow Yun Fat

Chow Yun Fat- Replacement Killers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, nuff said.

Trivago Guy

Trivago Guy- Commercials never looked so sexy.

jack-coleman-heroes jack coleman

Jack Coleman- Heroes, Vampire Diaries, Scandal…..again I like em adorkable. And when he’s playing a gay character…….EVEN BETTER!!!!


Billy Campbell- I have had a crush on this man since the Rocketeer. And didn’t mind him when he went through his Mutant Jesus phase on the 4400. And has barely aged a day.

download DavidMorrisseyPA041113

david_morrissey _51295088_011112276-1



Fellow Walking Dead viewers, don’t even act like you all don’t know which scene and which ep I’m referring to.


Patrick Stewart- Jean Luc Picard/Charles Xavier. Oh Captain/Professor, MAKE IT SO!!!!

And of course his partner in crime:

Ian_McKellen sir ian mckellen dec 2013

Sir Ian McKellen- Who DIDN’T have naughty thoughts when he played Magneto in the X-Men films?

A few more of this dynamic duo.

IMG_34521788745540 IMG_163061766275219

Moving on…….

clark gregg shirtless Clark Gregg

Clark Gregg- Few men can hold their own with the likes of Robert Downey Jr.  and Samuel L. Jackson in terms of cool and snark but this Avenger does it with ease. He has what I refer to as Grown Folks Swag. It’s little wonder he’s one half of the reason I adore Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. also known to some of us as the Coulson/May Power Hour.

william sadler

william sadler 2

William Sadler- I can’t imagine what made me a lifelong fan of William Sadler’s. I wonder if it had anything to do with this key scene from Die Hard 2.

Tim Dekay

Tim DeKay- It’s a White Collar thing. You wouldn’t understand.


Linden Ashby- Currently starring as Sheriff Stalinski in Teen Wolf, this DILF gives me some ideas in regards to the handcuffs.

James Remar

James Remar- If there’s anything sexier than this hunk’s looks, it’s his deep rich voice.

russell wong 2 Russell_Wong1

Russell Wong- This actor broke barriers and made history for his role in the Vanishing Son films. He’s one of the first nonwhite actors who landed a sexy leading male role. The only thing that surpasses Wong’s sexiness is his incredible talent as an actor.

Joel Gretsch as Father Jack on V

Joel Gretsch- The star of 4400 and V the Series is what you would call an incentive for me to tune into both shows.

176718-film-festival-joss-whedon-will-be-attending-the-uk-premiere-of-much-ado-about-nothing-at-the-glasgo (1) 1654168_758924727505013_2461732365890767628_n

Joss Whedon- Creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Doctor Horrible, among many other things and the writer/director of the 3rd highest grossing film of all-time (the Avengers), he’s known to some his acolytes as Lord and Master. I do adore the adorkable and a man with a very big brain.


Robert Redford- The very definition of a classic leading man and the Great Gatsby himself.

Photocall - Morning Glory




Harrison Ford- Hans Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan. Do I even need to explain this? Thought not.


Jack Wagner- All…………..I………………Need.  #SeeWhatIDidThere

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid- I’ll be honest. While he’s always been a hearthrob, I wasn’t always sold on him, however over the years as he’s matured, his appeal has really grown for me and yeah…….wow…..YO JOE.

Giles-rupert-giles-3755470-400-621 Merlin-publicity-stills-anthony-stewart-head-16852272-426-639

Anthony Stewart Head- Keep your Xander, your Spikes and your Merlins. Give me the Ripper any day.

Randolph Mantooth- Elle

Randolph Mantooth- My dreamcast pick for one of the characters in an upcoming series I’m working on. Definitely enjoyed his recurring role on Sons of Anarchy.


Tom Amandes- Long before his roles in Scandal, Everwood, and the Long Kiss Goodnight, I had a crush on this DILF courtesy of a little series in the 90s known as the Untouchables.

chris isaak2


Chris Isaak- In addition to being one of the most gifted musicians ever, he’s also one of the sexiest. He’s often my go-to artists when I’m on a date and looking to set the right kind of mood with a beau. Whether it’s Wicked Games or Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing, the crooning of Chris Isaak is like Super Magic 2000. #AgainSeeWhatIDidThere


Chris Potter- I first gained a crush on this stud during the run of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. Said crush continued with X-Men the animated series (Gambit), Silk Stalkings, and Queer As Folk. *swoons*




Henry Czerny- One of the main reasons I tuned in to watch Revenge for the past 3 seasons. International diabolical mastermind, and yet oh so pretty. Oh so very pretty.

And last but certainly not least……
Doug Savant

Doug Savant- Savant and I have some serious history in regards to the roles he’s chosen. He’s one of the first positive portrayals I ever witnessed of a gay character on television when he played Matt on Melrose Place. I think seeing said portrayal helped me many years later when I began to forge my own identity.

Many years later he played Tom Scavo on ABC’s Desperate Housewives and he forged an identity of what I’d want in a husband. Tom isn’t the edgy rugged badass like Mike was or rich and charming like Carlos. Tom was the guy next door who was good and true, faithful and loyal. Beautiful, both physically and spiritually. Keep Superman, I’ll take Clark Kent. Most people dismissed Tom as weak, timid and emasculated because let assertive and sometimes neurotic spouse Lynette take point in everything. However that was far from the case. While it’s true he had the patience of Job and she put him through hell,he would check her when she crossed a line. The reality is Tom had an inner strength that he rarely got credit for. And he had a keen understanding of what being a real husband and a real man is. Case in point:

In addition, I’ve come to realize two things. 50, is the new 30 and ginger is the new blond. 😉


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