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So if you follow me on social media, you know that I tend to be very “imaginative” when it comes to voicing my opinions about my fandoms. For instance I have nicknames for many of the shows I watch. Some of them are terms of endearment, some of them are hints of the headcanon at play in the enigmatic inception that is my brain, some of the nicknames….well…….you’ll get the idea.


Let’s play shall we.




The Mills (Once Upon A Time)- Fairy Tales come to life for Regina Mills and her adopted precocious son, Henry. When the two aren’t working on their special bond, they’re discovering magic and battling trolls, pirates, witches, and the darkest, most sinister evil force of all, white people.


abby jenny mills


The Mills Sisters (Sleepy Hollow)- A spinoff of the Mills. Distant cousins of Regina and Henry, Abby and Jenny Mills sets history right by exposing the Founding Fathers as the truly corrupt hypocritical frauds they truly were. In addition to that, the sisters work tirelessly to stop Armageddon from occurring and like their cousins they work to dismantle the darkest evil of all, WHITE PEEPUL. I can’t wait for the Mills family reunion/crossover event.




The Michonne Show (The Walking Dead)- Starring Michonne & Friends. Also starring Glenn, Carl and a speshul cameo from the Guvnah. OH GUVNAH.



Streets of Fire ?????


God Lose The Queen (Arrow)- Queer PoC excellence unites as Nyssa al Ghul and Malcolm Merlyn aka Dark Arrow team up to save Starling City and serve up some Spartacus and Torchwood archery realness to some villainous William Tell wannabe named Oliver Queen.



Phil Coulson and Melinda May - Clark Gregg and Ming-Na When



The Coulson/May Power Hour (Marvel Agents of SHIELD)- Clark Gregg reprises his role as Dir. Phil Coulson and continues to bring the grown folks swag and teams up with Melinda May aka graceful badass personified.




The Trouble With Snitches (Gang Related)- This is a really good show, if you aren’t watching you should definitely check it out.


the bonnie chronicles

The Bonnie Chronicles (The Vampire Diaries)- Because the only reason I watched that show was for Bonnie Bennett.





Exiled Wakandans (Scandal)- Olivia Pope & Associates, are Exiled Wakandans and estranged senior partners of Wolfram & Hart.




Abercrombie & Fitch: The Series (Teen Wolf)- Sooooooo not complaining on that score.


single white female the series



Single White Female: The Series (Pretty Little Liars)




hamlet on harleys


Hamlet On Harleys (Sons of Anarchy)- This show is also known as Why This Is Katey Sagal’s World And Us Lowly Mortals Are Simply Paying Rent.



Wincest (Supernatural)- Don’t even act like you don’t know the reference especially when the show itself has STAYED putting its fandom on blast.


rutina-wesley-Fairy Sue

Fairy Sue (True Blood)- The tragic saga of Tara Thornton and her cousin Lafayette who must deal with vampires, werewolves and other preternatural forces that haunt their small town of Bon Temps, LA. Said dark forces all come from this evil abomination of a dark fae known as Sookie Stackhouse. The show is also about Bill, this vampire who is on a path of redemption because he’s misunderstood and stuff.


But wait, there’s more. The following are additional pics from these shows for your viewing pleasures (and mine). Enjoy.







Clark-Gregg-Ming-Na-Wen-Phil-Coulson-Melinda-May-Agents-of-S-H-I-E-L-D-phil-coulson-and-melinda-may-36008318-459-612 Phil-Coulson-Melinda-May-image-phil-coulson-and-melinda-may-36097311-1280-622


SONS OF ANARCHY: Katey Sagal. CR: James Minchin III / FX









arden-cho1  Teen_Wolf_Season_4_Behind_the_Scenes_Arden_Cho_Lacrosse_April_09 teen-wolf-3x22-13

Teen_Wolf_Season_3_Episode_1_Tattoo_Gideon_Emery_Alpha_Deucalion teen-wolf-season-3-deucalion tumblr_me43ljyV531r55rpto1_500



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