Okay so here’s another fun post.

One of the things my buddies always tease me about is that even though I’m a gay male, I’m repeatedly told that I have exemplary taste in women, in terms of admiration and being a fanboy.

Case in point my “religion” is the Goddess known as Gina Torres, aka Perfection Herself aka she who is married to Laurence Fishburne, the Emissary of Excellence.


But Torres isn’t the only boss chick who has warmed my heart. One thing I’ve observed is that the women I admire are like diamonds. Each of them vastly different, but a unique treasure. Some I admire for their beauty (external and internal), their talents, some their minds, some their swagger, you get the idea. The unifying traits among them, they’re each strong, intelligent, beautiful, gifted and powerful.

While there’s no way for me to list every phenomenal woman, the following is a small sampling of the diamonds I treasure.

See what I did there?

And of course, perfection herself:



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