Why Black Speculative Fiction Month Matters

So in addition to blogging, penning my next story, promoting the release of West of Sunset, and following up on some potential opportunities, I’ve been making the rounds online discussing Black Speculative Fiction Month.

During one upcoming interview, I was asked why a month celebrating Black Speculative Fiction is important.

I thought my answer warranted its own post and I wanted to share.

Why does BSFM matter? BSFM matters because now more than ever our stories must be told and our voices must be heard. BSFM matters because too often at cons and writing events, I’m the only queer nonwhite guest in attendance.

BSFM matters because black lives matter, as #Ferguson has reminded us. BSFM matters because Racefail happened and there are white industry “pros” who have gone on record in claiming that black geeks are the result of the internet. Because apparently Octavia Butler didn’t happen.

BSFM matters because the #WeNeedDiverseBooks and similar initiatives are desperately needed and long overdue. BSFM matters because too many people can’t wrap their heads around the fact that my characters Noah Scott, Cassidy Reeves, Brecken Everett, Nemesis, Violet Peters, Iyana and Virgil Rhames epitomize #BlackExcellence and are not wishful thinking or flights of fancy.

BSFM matters because it illustrates how blacks are loving ourselves, embracing our power and creating our own spaces and efforts to thrive in a racist world that would sooner we didn’t.

That’s how #BlackExcellence gets down.



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