Still I Rise


You should always be mindful of your choices and actions. Especially when you think no one is looking.

John Wooten said it best, “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

And the true test of one’s character is what they do when no one is watching.

But here’s the catch. When you think no one is watching, they often are.

A few months ago, I had to sever some ties with some longtime friends and colleagues. I’m not going to mention who they are (at least not here anyway) because quite frankly they’ve ridden my coattails long enough and if they want to be internet famous they need to go out there and earn it like everyone else.

I’m done carrying deadweight. We’ll just call the main one Zelena and her pair of flying monkeys. And despite their antics, I was going to do them a solid by walking away and leaving them be but since they want to keep harassing some loved ones of mine, it’s time for a response.


A while back on the New Millennium forum I mod, Zelena, threw an epic hissy fit (like one Veruca Salt) after she posted some article a friend of a friend of a friend of hers made on Tumblr and it was pointed it out to her that it was wrong and she might want to verify stuff before posting it.

This wasn’t the first time she’s pulled this. In fact it was becoming a pattern where tantrums were thrown if her ass wasn’t being kissed. She posted another article on Marvel’s Hydra that was problematic and inaccurate and when folks explained it to her on a forum, she threw a temper tantrum, took her ball and ran home but not before accusing me of being every kind of bigot under the sun. She attacked me publicly while private messaging me claiming we need to talk and she doesn’t want to look bad in front of the others.

Because of the large number of mutual friends and our history, I thought I’d do her a courtesy, not badmouth her (or worse tell the truth), I left her be and was working on something very major that I’ll get to very shortly.

Unfortunately Zelena couldn’t pay me the same courtesy and sent two bogus friends who turned out to be flying monkeys to come harass me and demand I make amends with her majesty.



But I maintained radio silence because I was in the process of working on something major.

This seemed to make Zelena even bolder because not only did she continue to trash me, she then decided start harassing my friends and loved ones and asking what I was doing? Had I mentioned her? Was I thinking about her? Why I haven’t I said anything about her? Essentially acting like this:

What Zelena nor anyone else didn’t realize was that I had been in communication with a few editors and publishers. An editor for a website witnessed her entire display of ass-waving on New Millennium and was impressed by how I handled the situation and didn’t back down to her bullying, her gas lighting or manipulation. So much so I got a writing opportunity as a result. Just for me doing me, doing the right thing, and standing up to her bullying. She was so busy trashing me, obsessing and keeping my name in her mouth, I’m walking away savoring the sweet taste of victory, channeling Perfection Herself here.

Gina serving Tea


That’s right. I am officially a full-time writer for a comic book website and a freelancer for other prestigious sites. I was biding my time just for this moment to inform you that what they say is true, success is truly the best revenge. I’m attaining more success, and you’re even worse off than when I found you.

You can trash me all you like, you can tell yourself whatever lie you like, and if you do me a service by exposing a few frauds, I’m better for it. You should’ve known after all these years. I’m the truest of alphas.


Have you learned nothing. Every bottom feeder, piece of scum, big name superstar, bigot, and self proclaimed badass have all come for little old me. Writers, politicians, corp execs, ex lovers, local con organizers (these bastards are on my hitlist too, I’ll be getting to them in a future post), crooked cops and yet consistently when the smoke clears and all is said and done, I’m usually the last one standing. There’s a reason for that.


I don’t lose. I win or I learn. Either way I still advance. You can come for this seraph’s wings but I’m still going to soar. I will still evolve because the truth is I’m just that damn good. Excellence personified.

You were too busy worrying about image and ego, I was focused on character and merit, and here lies the results.

You took my silence for weakness and fear and you got bold. But I told you once before when I’m silent, that’s when you need to worry. You thought you had me cornered and I was 8 steps ahead of you.

So I do thank you. You helped me get to where I need to be. And I’m only getting started.

Best of luck to you and your endeavors. I’m sure you’re going to do something. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a career to further elevate and some writing to do, please shut the door on your way out.

Oh and one last thing:



Speculative Fiction Novelist. Author of Hollowstone, West of Sunset and other cool stories. Wordsmith, activist and nerd seraph. Saving the world and/or taking it over.