That’s Not How It Works, That’s Not How Any Of It Works

HI HATERS So yesterday a guest post I penned for author Jim C. Hines went live on his blog. Entitled The Double Standard of Diversity. Much thanks to Mr. Hines for the opportunity. As far as pieces go, it’s one of my favorites. It brings critical analysis to some issues. Further proof that it’s an excellent post, is that white trolls came out in droves derailing the discussion, not only defending the double standard, but pulling some classic Rosewood BS and screaming Big Scary Black Man. ice cube house of cardsgif 10696249_10204471226772499_78562468120233539_n B3PyWW-IIAAEyIX gina feels

ETA: In which Jim Hines shows his white supremacy in grand fashion.

But these weren’t your typical losers. This breed of sociopath hails from the cesspools of Livejournal. I’ll say this much Normally I wouldn’t give these derailers the time of day, but since it’s #ThrowBackThursday and fools like Muccamuck (or whatever the fuck she’s calling herself this week) and Amber and the rest of their gang of thugs love to perform, let me shut this BS down. Ready The backstory: This may come as a shock to many of you, but I’ve pissed off many a caucasian over the years calling white privilege. Between standing up for black women, other WoC, and PoCs, and LGBTQs, yours truly been Public Enemy 1-3 for cis straight white fauxminists. But what really set them from 0 to Swimfan was when I penned a post calling out the heterosexism and homophobia in slash fanfics and the m/m genre. While excellent discussions were had and most folks thanked me, inevitably Mukka (or whoever she was at the time Yo/Saff/Bridge/Felicia) and some cronies arrived whitespaining and demanding an audience. Rather than waste my breath on simpletons and bigots. I simply blocked them. Refusing to understand boundaries, Felicia Mukka threw an epic hissy fit and started sending cronies from various online forums to come troll me. Racial slurs, death threats, the works. And if that wasn’t enough, then they began targeting and harassing many of my friends social media, many of whom are women, but remember they’re about that fauxminism. #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen And then Felicia and her BFF Amber created multiple websites dedicated specifically me on Blogger, WordPress, Livejournal and Dreamwidth and Tumblr. Blade_WTF I wasn’t expecting expecting “fan pages” or “shrines” this early in my career. And then she and Felicia tried to post my entire novel, Hollowstone online in conjunction with all the other Single White Female bullshit they had pulled. WordPress and some of the other sites frown upon libel and stalking according to their ToS, so when they shut her down, she went on a tirade about how The Big Scary Black Man was ahparessing her. 10687056_687631764668742_9194404365515339973_n You didn’t think Gamergate was the first instance of this garbage did you? Harassment, stalking, threats, has been going on in fandom and various online circles for years. The dynamic has been the same. It’s usually the most privileged demographic (whites) targeting minorities. Or their families. It’s hilarious that Felicia was complaining about me locking my Livejournal given that her previous ones were all friends only. The ones that were around before she deleted them/got suspended for service. But when you start trolling my blog because you’re wanting to find dirt on my loved ones, I simply gonna insist you take your Lena Dunham wannabe stank ass back to Arkham. No Livejournal for you. Which brings me to another point. I hear white bigots complain all the time because I don’t let them comment on my space, derail or I don’t engage them. It’s the same garbage I hear people complain about Anita Sarkeesian because she didn’t entertain their challenge to a debate.

You’re not entitled to my space, my time or anything else. That’s for folks I deem worthy of my time. And that’s what has been eating at these idiots, because the “Uppity Negro” doesn’t give them the time of day. After all, you keep claiming that I’m a monster and I’m dangerous, but you continue to follow me religiously online, comment on posts, and you show up at nearly every guest post or interview trying to make yourself relevant.

You keep referencing some problematic hyperbole calling out white fauxminism I’ve used in the past to derail discussions. Even though I had publicly apologized many years ago long before you even darkened my doorstep. And you know this because you trolled that very post. You know this because it’s been pointed out to you and your goons repeatedly. It’s also been pointed to you that given the fact that you have actively harassed, bullied and stalked other women, LGBTQs, and PoCs, you seriously need to take your own advice and STFU.

It’s one thing to dislike someone. It’s one thing to have issues or concerns with an individual. It is more than fair to voice said concerns. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However when you’re following the person you claim to hate, buying their books, building shrines to them, and obsessing about them, that speaks more about you than it does them. Which is why I sat back, stayed silent and laughed at you. I knew if I gave you enough rope and a shovel to boot, you’d prove my point for me and serve your purpose. 10464119_849038598459574_6065682128397579815_n Which brings me to Hollowstone. Point of fact, the book actually did pretty well. Better than we expected. You would know Felicia, you and your friends bought copies. In fact you and Amber wrote multiple reviews including where you stated that my character Neely Daniels fails as a bisexual because she dates a guy. You did more than most to promote the book. Only not the way you intended. See a lot of people picked up Hollowstone to see what all the “controversy” was about. And as most folks noted in reviews and emails to me, they enjoyed it. As one one college student student noted, “I knew something was bullshit about those comments. That many white folks don’t read a black writer.” It’s like I said 4 years ago when I called these idiots out. You’re going to keep crying wolf, and eventually people are going to see the truth. I also told you then, I was going to keep working, keep hustling, keep evolving and stepping my game up. And here we are. 4 years later. I am lot of things, including a man of my word.

But you already know this, you already follow me religiously. And you? You’re spewing the same garbage you spewed 4 years ago. What have you accomplished, aside from keeping my name in your mouth? I guess it’s fitting and comforting. Because contrary to whatever you claim, you’re still reading my work and buying my books. Which means even someone like you knows your place. Bye Felicia


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