No Evil Shall Escape My Sight


No I will not be silent. Not on this. Not on anything I believe needs to be said.

No I will not be silent and enable monsters.
No I will not be silent because you think calling out racism is worse than the racism.
I will not be silent on injustice and choose the side of the oppressor.
No I will not be complicit and allowing evil to thrive by doing nothing.
No I will not be silent because you want to preserve the Matrix.
I will not be silent to maintain your comfort and privilege.
I will not be silent and permit me and mine to suffer being dehumanized. Your hubris and opinion be damned.

And FUCK YOU for demanding it.
It’s easy to demand someone turn the cheek when you aren’t being struck. It’s called victim blaming. It is also the definition of a dick move.
I will shine the brightest light on the darkest of wrongs.
I will fight back.
I will tell the truth and shame the Devil and raise 6 kinds of hell in the process and have no qualms exposing your evil. Because if that’s what it takes, then by any means necessary it is.
Because that’s the thing about truth, it won’t be manipulated by force, and truth couldn’t care less about your hubris. It is the unstoppable force and the immovable object.
Truth will not apologize when it exposes your racism, homophobia, misogyny, your other isms, or your hypocrisy.
This is why the reaction is usually a tone argument or some other derail/evade/logical fallacy/deception.
The Guilty: you’re so mean, you’re not nice, you hurt my fee fees. i don’t approve of your tone.
Denny: unfortunately for you tone is subjective and tone does not negate truth. What’s fascinating is that is your immediate response. Your opinion on my tone. Interesting how you didn’t say I was wrong. What’s hilarious is that you think your fee fees are a priority of mine. That’s also a huge reveal of ego, ignorance, and no clue about the person you’re fucking with.
I signed no Non Disclosure Agreement stating I’m obligated to protect the asses of asses, hypocrites and bigots. This is why these cowards operate on the sly and do their dirt covertly. Avoid accountability.
This is also why they’re incensed when they’re put on blast and forced to own their dirt.
You can resent the messenger but what you’re really angry about is that Wicked Truths have been exposed and you’re being forced to address them.
You can complain about me airing dirty laundry but the fact remains the laundry is dirty. Your laundry that you soiled is dirty.
When what I say is inaccurate or false witness, that’s another story. And when that happens, I’ll stand corrected.
You don’t like what I said. I get that. Now get this: mad or not, I’m still right. What I said is true and not contingent on your approval.
#factsaremagic like that.
The issue isn’t Denny airing your dirty laundry. The question is why are your drawers so filthy, festering, and nasty to begin with? The issue isn’t Denny speaking out and taking action against bigotry he encounters. The question is why are you comfortable in being silent and doing nothing?
What’s never really been a question is whether or not I’m telling the truth. That’s because I bring facts, logic, data, consistency, common sense, and other irrefutable evidence to the dance. Truth itself often brings comfort clarity, strength and resolve. There’s also power. It takes a certain kind of soul to be willing to go against the world to do what’s right.
The issue is however if you were truly on the right side of things like you claim, then your reaction to the truth wouldn’t be a guilty one and you wouldn’t expose yourself as the rabid vermin you truly are and prove my point for me.
This is why the Fifth Amendment is a thing. To avoid self-incrimination. This is also why you have the right to remain silent. You know the thing you and your enablers are demanding of me for stating facts. Though you are silent when you ignore facts and the omission is virtually a deafening admission. You can’t win for failing.
Also you should seriously be careful what you wish for. Because when I am silent, that’s when you need to worry.


Speculative Fiction Novelist. Author of Hollowstone, West of Sunset and other cool stories. Wordsmith, activist and nerd seraph. Saving the world and/or taking it over.

One thought on “No Evil Shall Escape My Sight

  1. I reserve the greatest amount of contempt for people who see the truth and refuse to do anything. They will watch other human beings in pain, be humiliated and hated and say and do nothing at all to stop it. I call those people fence-sitters.

    I understand the fear of speaking out and standing up. Of not being liked by someone or going along with the group. I get it. There have been times when I ve had to call out someone’s bullshit and I was terrified.

    But I did it, anyway.

    Because the standard you walk by is the standard you accept. And there are things in this world I absolutely cannot accept and won’t.

    This is an excellent manifesto, because sometimes, you just gotta clear some shit up.😆

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