After #Charleston: 10 Things Every American Can Do To Create Change Now

Steven Barnes

Since the horrific events in Charleston, countless millions of words have been written and spoken, and a river of tears shed as we fear that, once again, an historic evil has reared its head, a dragon that apparently cannot be slain.

But that is an illusion.  We have made staggering progress, just in the course of my lifetime. But there is also much left to be done, and this is one of those moments in history when action can have real and lasting effect.

It is our 9/11 moment.  And we must not squander the goodwill now pouring from every loving heart by attacking the wrong targets.  Or using the wrong weapons.  Or, heaven forbid, by doing nothing.  But what can we do…?

#1 – The first step is to be safe.  You cannot come from love when you feel unsafe, and that is precisely what is called for.   So…

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