Blackness Shatters Any and Everything That Divides Us: An Open Letter to Nashville by Jessica Sutton

Black Lives Matter Nashville

Photo by Mallory Burns Photo by Mallory Burns

There is a righteous rage that builds on the inside of us manifesting in the screaming of “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” It is the culmination of sadness and hurt from seeing our brothers and sisters be murdered by a power above the law and the anger that results when you realize that not only does society perpetuate this but also a very powerful long-standing system that operates as a well-oiled machine. This system has evolved overtime to perpetuate these murders and the criminalization of black bodies ensuring that the cycle of poverty, violence, and process of gentrification work as efficiently and insidiously as possible. There are people who support this system, whose power and profit thrive from its efficiency and they are unable and/or unwilling to see the lives who suffer under its suffocating and murderous effects. We can’t breathe. It is our intention to tear it…

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