Don’t Love Them Hoteps


A great writer by the name of Zora Neale Hurston once said, “All my skinfolk, ain’t kinfolk.”

With civil unrest hitting a fever pitch in the states, and people of color fighting back against racial oppressions, many blacks are experiencing a bit of of an awakening. But even among blacks we have to be ever vigilant against predators within our own communities.

Chief among them, Hoteps. Also known as Ashoteps, Negroes with Ankhs, Sisters with Dashikis, the Soul Police, or even the Ashy 2-inch Dick Squad, these fake black militant double agents will be the first to dehumanize blacks, ignore boundaries and attempt to police others. In short, they engage in the very abuse, misogyny, bodyshaming, homophobia and (internalized) racism that can be expected with white supremacy.

The difference is because these fools think that because they’re burning incense, rocking dreads, and listening to a Kendrick Lamar album somehow that turns their (internalized) racism into pro-blackness. Just as televangelists use the Bible to manipulate and inflict harm on Christians, Hoteps use racial pride with the same malicious intent.

The reality is that some of the people who hate black folks the most are the “pro-black militants.” To quote my buddy Zahir. Some people get involved in social justice because they hate the idea of slavery. Others get involved in social justice because they hate the idea that they aren’t holding the whip.

A prime example would be Hari Ziyad who I recently had to ban after sexual harassment and personal attacks on social media. His issue? Because I just wasn’t into him.

It began a week or two back when Ziyad made a problematic post telling black folks that he can objectively (his words: trust him, he knows best) say that many whites and light skinned blacks that many of us find attractive isn’t because of our own decision but because we’ve been brainwashed by the white man.

“Ok, I used to think it was just that I was biased, but I have since confirmed that this is an objective statement (don’t ask how, just trust me): these white boys y’all be swearing are fine are just not. It’s like the criteria for fineness in the white demographic is “does not look like a coked out naked mole rat post-mortem.” I mean, seriously. Martin O’Malley??? This goes for y’all red-bone chasers, too. Y’all don’t got no sense, as far as I can tell.”


I warned Hari to be careful because he’s getting into Hotep territory policing black women and black LGBTQs on who they should be attracted to. That’s not our place and we need to stay in our lane. If someone doesn’t do it for him personally, that’s cool, do him. But we need to be cautious policing others.

I shouldn’t have to explain this but policing a marginalized group of people on who they should like–the same marginalized group who gets oppressed by society on who they like–is 50 shades of fucked up.

Ziyad wasn’t having it.  He became irate and it’s his job to tell blacks what they need and other Hotep shenanigans.

Not able to handle the truth, he blocked me from the thread (as is his prerogative) and I kept it moving and have a conversation on boundaries and Hoteps on my space.

An hour later, after he found minions and co-signers, he began tagging me on the post again to lure me into an argument. I wasn’t taking the bait. To me he had just proven my point. If you’re too cowardly to stand on your own and need a gang of cosigners to feed your insecurities, you’re not worth my time.


But Ziyad didn’t stop there. It was then that he decided to send his white buddy Zen Pace to come harass me.

IMG_1790 IMG_1791 IMG_1794

When that plan didn’t work, Ziyad returned to my page and continued arguing. And when he decided to use the n-word I decided to check the Hotep real quick:


I then called Ziyad out on sending his white friends to harass me in private messages. His response.

“I thought you only liked white boys.”


And that’s when it became clear.  The O’Malley reference;. sending a white guy to harass me; the frequent unwanted advances; the bodyshaming comments; Ziyad was irate because I had rejected him. All that black revolutionary talk was nothing more than a smokescreen over a Negro bitter who was mad he got friendzoned. I wish I could say this was a first but it wasn’t. Every once in awhile a brother will express interest in me, and when they get shot down, they start acting resentful like they’re entitled to me or something. Normally said entitlement is something I witness from rejected white suitors but again, Hoteps.

Nearly a week passed. I would later come to learn from mutual friends that Ziyad would continue to trash me on private threads to fellow Hoteps. I also noticed a sudden surge of friend requests from “random strangers.” The common denominator? They were all friends of Ziyad’s.


Ziyad didn’t stop there. I was on a mutual community forum, The Soul Care Line, and Ziyad continued his harassment again. Flirting with me and calling me boo, Ziyad couldn’t take the hint I wanted nothing to do with him. When I blocked him, he continued his harassment by adding friends to the group to continue their attacks. They insulted my hair, my body my looks, my career as a writer, anything they could think of. Now what’s interesting is that prior to this most of these folks, I’ve never said a single word to and even though The Soul Care Line was supposed to be a safe space for black folks, apparently that was a lie too. When I told the mods, the personal attacks and harassment was getting out of hand, they decided to side with their buddy Hari and join in on the harassment and dehumanization. A complete stranger and they felt the need to dehumanize their own “brother.”

You people are disgusting, pathetic and so very textbook. So quick and eager to cannibalize your own and why? Because you still have a slave mentality. You haven’t amounted to shit so it’s easy to attack your own. While you were busy taking shots, you should’ve been taking notes. It would’ve spared you some embarrassment.

Unlike Ashley Perry Young, I don’t get my fee fees hurt just because someone points out that they aren’t here for Weekend at Bernies. Even though most of us know that Bernie Sanders DOES NOT care about black people.

See unlike Jerel Jackson, I understand that you can uplift black businesses without making racist comments about Asians because to do the latter would make me a tool of white supremacy and a bitchass sellout.

Jerel Jackson

Unlike Michael Lewis, I never needed white folks’ acceptance or approval nor did I ever seek it out at my own expense. And while I applaud him for learning later than never, some of us Wakandans were already ahead of the game.

Michael Darien Lewis

And see unlike Hari Ziyad, I never sexually harassed and stalked a young black man after he rejected me.

Stones and glass houses people.

When my buddy and fellow member Benjamin pointed out the hypocrisy and the pettiness and Hari’s harassment, suddenly the mods Netsrik Drawoh (aka Kirsten Howard) and Komeisha felt the need to step in to defend their ratchetness, After getting read for filth, the glorified rat traps couldn’t hop on their brooms and flounce fast enough.

And as far as the Hotep Line went, I logged off for the last time.


The bottom line is this. You can’t talk about how Black Lives Matter when you don’t respect black lives your damn self. You don’t get to cry about white folks dehumanizing blacks when you do it your damn self. Because 3 guesses who they’re going to point to as an excuse. You guessed it, your damn self.

And as far as my dating preferences go. You don’t get a say. You are not entitled to me. You don’t get to have an opinion. if the Church, my bio-relatives, and the government don’t get to weigh-in on this topic, neither do you.

And to the Hotep. You weren’t complaining about looks when you were hitting on me. Only until after you got shot down. And seriously, I joke about my luxurious raven locks all the time. I like myself, so petty bitches can’t bother me. And given the fact that you constantly bitched in your posts about how unhappy you are with your body, and your premature baldness, I simply can’t take you seriously when you try to attack my looks. You’re essentially that douche in high school. The one who spreads rumors about a girl and call her a fat ugly slut in study hall simply because she refused to be your homecoming date. Patriarchy by any other name is still patriarchy.

Oh did you think harassment was going to silence me? Oh no. Never that. You’re a fraud. And now, thanks to you, the rest of the world knows. You’re disappointed you were turned down. I get that. Now get in line with the rest of the rejects.


The moral of the story:



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