Anti-Blackness, Thy Name Is Facebook

Midnighter Mode in 3…..2…..1…….

The fight for equal rights continues to hit a fever pitch. Trans people are fighting for basic human decency, my Asian siblings continue to be #WhiteWashedOUT of their own culture. My fellow Wakandans are fighting for their lives and reminding the planet that #BlackLivesMatter.

One of the key battlegrounds has been on social media. PoCs are getting in formation and speaking their truth and embracing their power.

However, they may find themselves on hostile ground when it comes to social media, specifically Facebook.

As nerds of color continue to discuss diversity in media, many of us have found our accounts being suspended on the Book of Face due to bogus charges and the racist white Gestapos who helm the “Community Standards.”

A prime example would be Naomi Munroe: Genderqueer drag personality, cosplayer and fellow loyal disciple of the Goddess that is Ororo Munroe, and black excellence personified.


Seriously, there’s only one word for my Grace (Jones). FIERCE.

As a proud blerd, Naomi regularly discusses race and LGBTQ issues on their page. However drag queen Betty Bennett took exception to what Naomi posted on Naomi’s page.




Naomi read the Gargoyle for filth. But rather than accept defeat, the racist Dee Snider clone was not going to take it.

Bennett contacted Facebook and claimed Munroe made physical threats of violence. When screencaps and evidence was demanded, Bennett had no receipts to offer. But the Book of Face suspended Naomi for nearly a month.

The injustice resulted in Naomi’s fans petitioning the Book of Face demanding they reinstate Munroe. Supporters also contacted the Armorettes, the Atlanta Drag Queen camp that Bennett performs with. Supporters left comments and messages  on the official page explaining that one of their performers making racist attacks and on a black drag performer and making false charges is not a good look for Bennett or the Armorettes. The comments were ignored and deleted.

No surprise, especially given this is the same Nazi camp that includes Sharon Needles: The Ru Paul Drag Racist who made national headlines after making racist, transphobic commentary and wearing blackface.

Then of course there’s (Author?) Micah Ian Wright, proud Bernie Bro and Imperial Wizard. Whenever I discussed diversity in regards tv shows and comics, he would never miss a chance to spew racist bile and the moment I called him out on his white privilege, Fauxcahontas would pull a Dolezal and claimed to be indigenous. Being of Native decent, I didn’t take to kindly to the perpetrating and eventually handed him his walking papers.

Recently I was discussing the election with some mutual friends and Micah Ian Wright came on bashing President Obama and explaining how Saint Bernard of perpetual berning sensation is the second coming. When it was explained to Nathan Bedford Forest that Sanders poor and outright bigoted track record alienated him from nonwhite voters (not to mention his frequent attacks on this country ‘s very popular first black president) he proceeded to whitesplain.

When receipts were presented, Micah Ian Wright then accused me of playing the race card.

When I called him David Duke Jr, he threw an epic hissy fit. Because you know calling out racism is more offensive than the actual racism.
Never mind the fact that other white commenters called him out also. But the uppity Wakandan went too far.

Micah flounced 3 times and kept returning to argue.

When that didn’t work, minions were sent.

And when none of that worked, Micah Ian Wright aka Fauxcahontas aka David Duke Jr decided to go yapping to the Captain and making false charges.

But this is typical of keyboard gangsters and Bernie Bots. You know the type. Loud as a motorbike but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.

This is also typical of Micah Ian Wright. After all this isn’t the first time he’s been caught lying.

Isn’t that right Stephen Glass? Or should I say GI Joke.

Here’s your Bern Notice.

Then of course who can forget the kiddie porn writer. Of course when I reported her to the Book of Face, nothing was done. I was left with little option other than to respond accordingly.

White allies like her be like:

But perhaps one of the most horrendous abuses by the Book of Face came at the expense of Heather Smith.

Still not convinced, then have a gander.

So what does this all mean? The Mayans were right. A great changes is upon us. There is a paradigm shift happening. The old gods or dying but they are hellbent on trying to make the world burn before they pass.

All of this should motivate us to speak louder and fight harder.

Wakanda is coming. The revolution will not be televised but it will be in real time.


Speculative Fiction Novelist. Author of Hollowstone, West of Sunset and other cool stories. Wordsmith, activist and nerd seraph. Saving the world and/or taking it over.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Blackness, Thy Name Is Facebook

  1. I am reminded of that scene from Buffy’s episode called “Checkpoint”, one of my favorite episodes becasue of these lines:

    Buffy: “I have a lot of people lining up to tell me how worthless I am. I figured out why. It’s because I have power and they’re afraid. ”

    When people know you are not a threat they don’t need to try to convince you of your worthlessness. People only play mind games with worthy opponents. It’s called cheating and trash talking. Right now, the bigots, homophobes, transphobes, and what have you, are all in cheatin’, trashtalkin’ mode.

    I ask blacks, Asians, Latinx, LGBT, everyone, to remember their power. You have it. They know it. If they didn’t know it, they wouldn’t step to you.

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