The Lie Behind Honest Dialogue

One of the things I hear all the time in nerd spaces is “why can’t we have a dialogue?” in terms of equal rights issues such as racial equality, media diversity, LGBTQ issues, etc.

Because as soon as the sun will rise, the moment a fangirl dares states that Batman: The Killing Joke is misogynistic, BBC’s Sherlock is homophobic or that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is racist and lacking in diversity, white fans will move heaven and earth to silent marginalized fans. Whether it’s screaming oppression themselves resorting to bullying and stalking or even violence.


In short, they’re often a bunch of sociopaths who go rabid the second someone tells them something they don’t want to hear.

This has been especially true for me when it comes to MCU stans. Speak ill of their preshus and watch the calamity ensue.

Case in point. This clown here.

Midnighter Mode in 3……….2…………1……….


It began easily enough.


Enter Racist Douchebag And Facebook Troll Jean Blesle:



Taking issue with me sharing facts, he proceeded to whitesplain in kind.




And his argument just became invalid. The brain surgeon just admitted he agreed with my statement and that essentially I’m right but he’s going to lecture and whitesplain to me why I’m wrong (even though we both agree I’m not) because something something white is always right something.

And for anyone keeping score by Suicide Squad alone will feature two black leads and a bisexual protagonist. That’s more than any Marvel film to date. When I explained to Blesle that coming on to my space and whitesplaining to a PoC about diversity is the definition of a dick move, he responded in kind.


After blocking me and flouncing, I thought that would be the end of that. Unfortunately white supremacy doesn’t behave so rationally.


If the last name looks familiar it should. This is Blesle’s sockpuppet account which he decided to utilize after flouncing from my space the first time.


And by sockpuppet or as Blesle likes to call it, his “alter ego.”



And when that didn’t work, Blesle decided to delete all of his comments, cover his tracks with harassing people and then attempt to report me to FB. The same person he chose to argue with even though he agreed with everything I stated.

And if that wasn’t icing on the cake, after all of those antics look what I found in my friends request box:


By the by, John Barrowman does not approve of your racism, sockpuppetry, harassment or your other BS:



And to put an even finer point on it, Blesle had this to state about me on his page:





See ultimately this wasn’t about the Suicide Squad film. This was a proud Wakandan claiming his power in celebrating media that reflected him and that infuriated a Grand Wizard from down under. Very slowly but surely white privilege isn’t what it used to be. And for impotent white males like Jean Blesle, that’s a problem.

No one forced him to make racist comments on my space. No one forced him to send me friend requests or use sock puppets. Certainly no one forced him to make disparaging remarks about disabled people, women, LGBTQs or people of color. This guy  couldn’t be a more textbook example of Gamergate if he tried.

All of this because I called out white supremacy and celebrated real diversity.

See this right here is an example as to why we can’t have honest conversations with bigoted white fanboys. They want to dictate terms of the discussion, dictate the discussion itself and resort to whatever underhanded trick they can to silence marginalized geeks. People like Blesle are exactly the reason why The Nerds of Color and spaces like it are in dire need.

And bigots like Blesle are the reason why Midnighters like myself do the work we do.

Slowly but surely marginalized geeks are gaining ground and it is making white bigots like Blesle choke. Good.

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And this is why you’re under no obligation to have “honest dialogues” with disengenous bigots and why you’re under no obligation to show your receipts to the morally bankrupt.



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