Why White Saviors Like Jim C Hines Are Anything But

A gent by the name of Josh Inman said it best, “Everybody wants diversity…….until it happens.”


So recently on social media this stick figure drawing came across my timeline on social media. When I saw it was from Jim C. Hines, I laughed and laughed and laughed.

The mere fact that this fraudulent bigot was lecturing other whites about victim-blaming and gaslighting made me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

It also made me realize that is what the kids refer to as irony. And also, you know hypocrisy.

Midnighter Mode in 3…………2………..1…………


For those of you just joining us, my piece, The Double Standard of Diversity had been accepted into Hines’s Invisible 2 diversity-themed anthology.


The piece essentially discusses the bigotry, privilege and well, double standards I’ve had to contend with as a queer author of color.

Tackling racism and teaching white audiences how to be human beings is an expectation of myself and other black authors, and yet when we share unpopular truths, suddenly we’re not qualified to speak about our history and culture.

I also shared the time I had the privilege of having Steve Berman, a bigoted Lethe Press publisher invite me to submit to a Civil War anthology, only to be instructed that I am not allowed to include gay characters because the anthology needs to appeal to a mainstream cis white heterosexual audience.

Hines loved the piece and also made it a guest post on his blog.

It wasn’t long before Muccamuck and her fellow Darth Susans began crying white woman tears claiming I’m a big scary black man whose out to punch kittens, eat babies, and devour white women. Basically pulling a Rosewood.

Muccamuck is an unhinged ape who has stalked and harassed me for over 7 years. She has done everything from have folks send me death threats to buying my books and trying to give em away on Tumblr. Why? Because she’s a white girl who writes shitty m/m slash and took umbrage to me caping for women of color, calling out the problems with white women writing m/m genre and because I blocked her thirsty ass from my Livejournal years back and she refuses to accept boundaries or that no means no.


Hines sat there smugly with a shit-eating grin while racist bile was spewed about me on his blog. When he sat there and was silent, I knew what kind of duplicitous douchebag I was dealing with.


While the white tears flowed, I didn’t waste my time engaging because ultimately I knew what this was about. They saw this Cherokee Wakandan being successful yet again in his writing career and it was eating them alive something fierce.

Hines implored me to respond and engage the very assholes I had previously told him who had been harassing and stalking me for over half a decade. While I wasn’t going to lower myself to debating those clowns in that cesspool I wrote a response on my blog and began presenting receipts:

  • Namely, this smear campaign from Patti Mayonnaise was little more than butthurt over me calling out m/m slash, me blocking her from Livejournal and jealousy over me receiving a publishing deal.
  • She and her buddy Amber got irate because several websites they created as “shrines” to me got shut down for online harassment and violating terms of service.
  • They also got irate after I reported them for illegally uploading my novel online and kept trying to give it away. Essentially some single white female ish.


  • If I’m as half as scary as she and her gaggle claims then why has she been trolling me for well over a decade and why are they irate when I don’t engage them.
  • If I’m actually the demon they claim I am, then why are they buying my books and financing me? People who I genuinely consider monsters, I tend to steer clear. I damn sure don’t put money in their pockets.

I also pointed out the Becky Brigade’s hatefest against me ultimately backfired. When they went on Goodreads, Amazon, Tumblr and Livejournal trashing me and my novel Hollowstone, it created intrigue and people began purchasing my novel trying to see what all the “controversy” was about. And as most folks noted in reviews and emails to me, they enjoyed the book, and clearly the negative reviews were trolls. As one college student student noted, “I knew something was bullshit about those comments. That many white folks don’t read a black writer.”

Which is why I avoided engaging with these clowns for as long as I did. They were making asses of themselves but more importantly, they were making me money.


Shortly after setting the record straight and putting the bigots on blast, as expected I received an email from Hines who decided he was going to put this uppity Wakandan in his place. He whitesplained to me that he didn’t like my tone. He then accused me of being too angry and commenced with the victim-blaming and told me that the situation with Berman didn’t occur and that I was trying to push an agenda.

YES! The same shit Gamergaters stay claiming about social justice warriors and liberals pushing an agenda, Mr. Anti-Rape Culture is saying himself.

He then told me that he wasn’t going to publish my piece and pay me like he agreed but was going to keep it on his blog and let it generate traffic for him.

Oh yes. The same clown who made that stick figure comic at the top of this piece condemning others who victim blame and gas-light minorities is the very one engaging in the same behavior.

The same clown who has a made career of trying to pass himself off as being a fauxgressive white male writer is illustrating why that is anything but the case.

Now one would think the person who wrote How Not To Respond To Accusations of Racism would know better. But like most cave savages, Hines is all about do as I say, not as I do.

While disappointing, it was also anticipated.


Needless to say I went Midnighter on this two-inch prick in my email reply and put the fear of God in him a good three times.


In a few choice terms, I explained to Mr. Anti-Rape-Culture that what he was NOT going to do is invite minorities to share their truths for his diversity anthology only to pull a bait & switch and gaslight them and victim blame him because he’s too much of a hypocrite to call out his racist white peers.

What White Savior was also NOT going to do was lecture me on why it’s appropriate for publications to tell authors not to include gay characters in their stories.

What he WAS going to do however was remove my post from his blog.


After being called out, Hines did a lovely follow-up where like most white fauxgressives, he played the hustle of the naive white boy who didn’t know what he did wrong but he had epiphanies about his mistake and why he realized some of his actions were wrong. What he conveniently omitted is that the points he lectured his readers on were the very points I called his hypocritical ass out on in the email. Both he, Mucka and others who dehumanized me were now sad that the post had been removed and praised the piece saying it was very well written and sparked excellent discussion.

He then decided it was best for him to flounce off the internet for a while and play Mario Kart which is whitespeak for “I’ve been exposed as a fraud so I’m going to run away now and wait for all the blowback to die down.”


The entire ordeal runs parallel to what happened with Beyonce at the Country Music Awards. She was invited to perform, legions of white folks got their white sheets in a bunch in outrage. So in order to save face with the legions of racist inbreds, the CMAs threw Beyonce under the bus. Because God forbid the CMAs actually defend a black woman and call out white supremacy.


One truly has to appreciate the meta/4th wall breaking artistry at play here. I wrote a piece discussing the double standards of diversity and specifically stated that tackling racism and teaching white audiences how to be human beings is an expectation of myself and other black authors, and yet when we share unpopular truths, suddenly we’re not qualified to speak about our history and culture.

And what does Hines/Smith/JimBob do? Proves my point by committing the very sins I called out by gaslighting and victim-blaming.

For the sake of discussion, take me out of the equation for a moment. What he did was a cross a line and that shouldn’t have happened to anyone.

Because trust and believe a white dude who claims to be Anti-Rape-Advocate and is bold enough to gaslight and victim-blame a PoC who is calling out bigotry, will do the same to others. Even a rape/sexual assault survivor. Assuming he hasn’t already done so.

See when it comes to social justice and equal rights, I’ve been doing this for a minute now. I know how to prove my points. But more than that, I know how to get smug pedantic bigots like JimBob to prove my points for me.

JimBob also proved that white people like him are the reason why bigotry is so rampant in speculative fiction. It’s not the Sad Puppies you have to worry about, it’s the white saviors who come in the guise as allies.

There are many lessons to be learned here: Jim Hines is full of shit; I’m under no obligation to show my receipts to the morally bankrupt; Jim Hines is full of shit; Beware the white saviors; Jim Hines is full of shit; Why walking glass menageries of white fragility shouldn’t throw bricks; Fauxgressives talk a good game but it isn’t about what they say, it’s about what they do; Oh yeah, Jim C. Hines is full of shit.

But JimBob and countless others learned arguably the most critical lesson of all. To quote one  Ijeoma Oluo, “I talk about race and racism so that people can learn. But know that if that fails I will gladly settle for ruining your day.”





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