Book Review: Scott Tracey’s Witch Eyes

Author Scott Tracey recently announced on social media that he is re-releasing his popular Witch Eyes trilogy.

My reaction to such glorious news:


So in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month, I thought I’d share my review of book one to whet the appetites of the few of you who might be unfamiliar with the excellent series.

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Enter The Midnighter


If you’ve read this excellent site, follow me on social media, or have known me for five minutes, then you probably know that not only am I hopeless comic book geek and Midnighter is my patronus through and through.

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Q Is For Queer Speculative Fiction

Originally published on The Future Fire

As a writer, storyteller, and a queer person of color, it goes without saying that diversity and inclusion is very important to me.

Anyone who’s known me for five seconds is aware of the fact that I’m a rabid comic book fan. It’s modern day mythology and as a writer and an artist, this medium especially appeals to me for obvious reasons. Watching beautiful muscular men is a pastime that I can live with.


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