That Ambition Of Mine


File this under why you should always check your spam box.

Last week I found out that a buddy sent me a Comixology gift card……2 years ago as a token of thanks for appearing on a comic book podcast.

Needless to say I decided to go shopping.

But what to purchase?

I decided I wanted to use my gift to give back in a big way so I decided to purchase both  LGBTQ superhero graphic novels and comics produced by some talented independent Wakandan creators.

For me, it’s not just enough to talk about supporting diversity. We have to back it up with action. And dollars. Make cents??


I regularly get flack for going hard and defending PoC artists, creators, works, etc when I believe that are unjustly attacked. I always find it fascinating that I’m deemed the “bad guy” for taking genuine pride and love in my people, my culture and our art and will unapologetically choose PoC artistry/excellence over mainstream mediocre white media any day of the week. It’s also fascinating that I’m regularly deemed the “bad guy” because I will call out white privilege and the double standards of diversity that artists of color have to contend with.

For me it’s simple.

If we don’t support one another, who will? If we don’t uplift one another, who will? If we don’t celebrate one another, who will? If we don’t fight for one another, who will? If we don’t love one another, who will? If we don’t lead by positive example, who will? We are all we got.

I will not apologize for having the power to love myself and others enough to fight for better in a world that fears and hates and me and mine.

I’ve always been ambitious that way.

So which titles did I pick up??? A little this and little that. But here are a couple.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some reading to do. See you in the funny pages.



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