I Think I Love Gina Torres

Anyone who’s known me for longer than 8 seconds knows that I praise and adore all things Gina Torres.

To some of you, she is a talented, brilliant and beautiful actress. To me, she is a deity whom I proudly worship. If you’ve seen season 4 of Angel, then you have an idea of my devotion to The Goddess.

Between Justice League Unlimited, Firefly, Serenity, Alias, Hercules, Xena, Suits, etc. her catalog of work is much like the goddess, flawless.


However, there is one film of her’s that I have yet to watch and have no plans on doing so.

I refuse to see Chris Rock’s I Think I Love My Wife where in the movie Perfection Herself is married to Rock who is questioning their marriage.



I just couldn’t suspend my disbelief and this is from a guy who makes a living writing speculative fiction.

Chris Rock having doubts about his marriage to Gina Torres?  First of all Negro, who in the Blue Hell is you? Who are you to doubt anything pertaining to Perfection herself?

I mean don’t get it twisted. Your surname may be Rock but you sure as hell ain’t the Rock. You might be a few slots above Flavor Flav if I’m being generous.


I say this as a gay man. If you are married to the Goddess of Flawless Victory, and you still aren’t happy with life, I don’t know what to tell you. Something is obviously lacking and deficient on your end. I’m saddened to tell you but clearly your life had just been a waste.

Gina serving Tea


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2 thoughts on “I Think I Love Gina Torres

  1. I’m pretty damn sure Lawrence Fishburne knows he’s in love with his wife.
    And you are correct! Something is definitely wrong with Chris if he’s uncertain he loves “The Goddess!”
    I’m not even gay and I’ve been in love with her since Cleopatra 2525! I think I’ve watched her entire filmography.
    My questions to people not in love with her is: Why are you not?! And What’s wrong witcha?!

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