Part of the World I Know

Unless you’ve been under the sea or at sea, you’ve no doubt heard about bigots being outraged that a Black actress was cast in the title role for the upcoming live action The Little Mermaid film.

So why the outrage, you ask? It’s just a movie, you say.

The truth is, it was never about The Little Mermaid.

It’s about what the casting of a Black actress in the iconic role symbolizes.



Slowly but surely white privilege isn’t what it once was. While we Wakandans still march to remind everyone why #BlackLivesMatter, Black dollars–which have been ignored to the detriment of this nation’s economy being on the brink of collapse–are undeniable.

It’s the same entities who continue to exploit us but also acknowledge our value. That’s an omen to bigots that their days of coasting through life on white privilege are numbered and the bigotry they invoked and enabled is coming back to haunt them. The problem with conversations on diversity is that the wrong questions are always asked.

Can a trans woman make it in this industry? Are Black people smart enough to thrive in Silicon Valley? Can gay people be innovators in athletics. The questions that should be asked are, how many mediocre cis straight white bigots are about to be made irrelevant because the playing field are becoming more level? See bigots always talk about minorities taking their jobs. What they really mean is (despite disadvantages and systemic oppression) those minorities are out performing them and that’s why they are pressed.

Because the Caucasians who are exceptional, they welcome diversity because they want to learn, they want to level up, they want to be challenged and they want to step up themselves, in skill, in character, etc. Iron sharpens iron. Vibranium sharpens Vibranium.

The old gods are dying but they aren’t going away quietly. And things are going to get worse before it gets better. And sadly before it’s done, we’re going to lose many more soldiers in this fight for a better world.

But progress is inevitable. You can either get right, or you can get GOT.

This casting is a sign of many amazing things that lie ahead. I definitely wish to be part of that world.





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