We Hold These Truths of the Black Experience To Be Self Evident

The month of February may have ended but the celebration of #BlackExcellence continues 24/7, 365.

Making my return to Yopp and speaking with the cadence and conviction of Black Bolt, I discuss 8 truths of the Black Experience that are often neglected or purposely misrepresented:

The driving force behind antiblackness and systemic white supremacy is not that Blacks are inferior. It is because we are beautiful, gifted, powerful, and exceptional beyond measure. In spite of every horror and injustice we’ve endured and continue to endure, we continue to set the global stage for the rest of the globe. For a people who are always falsely accused of being ignorant, subhuman, savage, demonic, and inferior on every level, Black people are always the first group everyone else goes running to begging for help when situations get dire and they need saving. Because while pressure crushes, it also creates diamonds. There’s no finer jewel than Black Excellence.

Oh yes. I go there.