Dennis R. Upkins is a proud Atlanta, Ga. native. A voracious reader, a lifelong geek and a hopeless comic book addict, he knew at an early age that storytelling was his calling.

In 2011, his debut novel, Hollowstone, was released by Parker Publishing. His sophomore  title, West of Sunset, was also released by Parker Publishing in 2014.

Upkins has also worked as a freelance artist and a digital photographer. His artwork and short stories have appeared in Drops of Crimson, Sniplits, and a number of other publications.

Upkins regularly critiques and analyzes the representation and portrayal of minorities in comics and media and has served as a contributor for Ars Marginal, Black Girl Dangerous,  Prism Comics,  Nashville Geek, The Nerds of Color, and Geeks Out.

In an effort to help enlighten society about the cultures of the African diaspora and promote a more accurate and positive image,  Upkins launched the Black Folks Being Awesome initiative in 2013 on Facebook.

When he’s not out saving the world and/or taking it over in his spare time, Upkins’s hobbies include drawing, modeling, acting, photography, cosplay, rollerblading, martial arts and of course writing.