Intersectionality, A Milestone Theme

milestone 2

File this post under, Another Reason Why Dwayne McDuffie Was Better Than You.

So last week we all celebrated the life and legacy of one of the most gifted and progressive storytellers, ever to walk this earth, the late Dwayne McDuffie.

As expected, many discussed the amazing work he and his team did with making Milestone Comics a success, others mentioned his phenomenal work with fellow phenom Bruce Timm with creating over a decade of superb animated series and films.

Of course people pointed out that McDuffie paved the way for black storytellers in a way too vanillacentric medium that is the comic book industry.

While this is all true. It is not the whole story. To not tell the whole story diminishes the work and the accomplishments of this great man.


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That Internet Wife of Mine


June seems to be the month of birthdays for my Ars Marginal crew. Last week we celebrated Triple J’s birthday and today I get the pleasure of celebrating another special person in my life.

My beloved internet wife, RVCBard, playwright and creator of “Tulpa or Anne & Me”, and the founder and leader of Ars Marginal.

And you know you’re something fierce when Amanda Waller is giving you a toast.

How RVCBard is an extraordinary woman, let me count the ways:



Maybe not. After all, to count the ways RVCBard is awesome is like the number Pi. It’s infinite.

But don’t take my word for it. Her majesty and a few others have a few words they’d like to share.


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This is news I’m all to happy to boost the signal for.

My buddy and fellow author, A.L. Olson, has a new book out entitled, Checkmate. This is a title you’l want to check out but more importantly, all the proceeds go towards a very special and important cause.




I have not had the opportunity to read the book yet (I’m on some writing deadlines at the moment) but the premise definitely caught my attention and I’ve already purchased it and downloaded it on my iPad. One of the reviews indicated that the book has more than a few surprise twists, something that yours truly loves. Game on! Um, pardon the pun.


Additional details can be found here. Go show a talented writer and an awesome writer some love. And by all means please repost and spread the word.




Review: Grifter & Midnighter

So let’s talk about Chuck Dixon and why he fails as both a writer and a human being.

I read Dixon’s work for years long before I learned how outspoken he is about his hatred and disdain for LGBTQs and people of color.

Even way back yonder I always felt his work to be mediocre at best and never understood why he received all the hype he got: Gail Simone’s run of the Birds of Prey was far superior and what he did to Outsiders was unforgivable.

Needless to say I had misgivings about Dixon penning Grifter & Midnighter but against my better judgment I decided to give the miniseries a chance. After all, maybe Dixon would surprise me, in a positive way.

The verdict: trust your instincts.

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