The Perfect Storm: An Analysis of Marvel’s Most Important Superheroine

BY DENNIS R. UPKINS Originally published at 30UpTV: “I am a woman, a mutant, a thief, an X-Man, a lover, a wife, a queen. I am all these things. I am Storm and for me, there are no such things as limits.” —Storm Nine years old. That was the age of this Catholic Altar Boy … More The Perfect Storm: An Analysis of Marvel’s Most Important Superheroine

Wakanda Is Real

  The latest issue of Out & About Nashville is available now. It’s got some excellent content in it and you definitely want to pick it up. I also make my return with another installment of my column, Zero Rising. In honor of Black Excellence Month, I explain that not only is Wakanda real but … More Wakanda Is Real

My Top Articles of 2018

  So one of the primary reasons I didn’t update this space much last year was because I was on constant deadline churning out a lot of pieces which didn’t leave me time to even catch my breath, much less do anything else. This isn’t a bad thing when you’re a freelance journalist and a … More My Top Articles of 2018

The Best Films of 2018

2018 was definitely the year of #BlackExcellence on the big screen. A phenomenon transpired with the release of one specific film and in conjunction with other movies resulted in a cultural shift that will continue to shape the entertainment, social, political, planetary landscape for years to come. 2018 was a reminder why representation matters and … More The Best Films of 2018

Its Own Reward

To whom much is given, much is required. And even if that isn’t the case, the responsibility exists all the same. I don’t have much (I am a professional author after all), but whenever there’s an opportunity to pay it forward, I try my best to do so. This is especially true when there’s an … More Its Own Reward