Character Study: Zoe Washburne

With October being #BlackSpeculativeFictionMonth, it seemed only appropriate to put the spotlight on an amazing black character. Zoe Washburne, the big damn heroine of Firefly/Serenity, portrayed by Perfection herself, Gina Torres, seemed like an excellent selection.

Character Study: Doctor Martha Jones

In honor of #BlackSpeculativeFictionMonth [Scene: Attending a party where friends are discussing their favorite Doktah.] Partygoer 1: I love the Classic Who’s. Tom Baker is my guy. Partygoer 2: Eccleston, through and through. Partygoer 3: Tennant. The only 10 I see. Partygoer 4: My Doctor was Eleven. Denny, who is your favorite Doctor Denny: *stops typing on iPhone* Huh? Partygoer 4: Who’s your … More Character Study: Doctor Martha Jones

The Return To Outer Alliance

In the latest Outer Alliance Podcast, I return and sit down (and yammer like a dork) with the ever wonderful Julia Rios to discuss my latest novel, West of Sunset and Black Speculative Fiction Month. Rios also pays a warm tribute to the life and work of the late Eugie Foster.

Queer Speculative Fiction

Same song second verse, a little bit louder and a little bit worse. Today I’m back with the Twinjas. It was so nice we made it twice. Today we’re discussing diverse books, queer speculative fiction and LGBTQ History Month.

Sons of Nowhere: Celebrating Nicholas Almand

With October being #BlackSpeculativeFictionMonth, I would be remiss if I didn’t pay tribute to my brother and comrade, Nicholas Almand. While moving heaven and earth to find quality queer spec fic, I came across Almand’s series Sons of Nowhere. His writing and storytelling skills were the business and I became an immediate fan of his. … More Sons of Nowhere: Celebrating Nicholas Almand