Final Stop: Hangar 18

And as the Hollowstone Magical Mystery Virtual Book Tour concludes, business is about to pick up. I’ve got other interviews planned and a few other things in the works to boost the signal on Hollowstone. So make sure you stay tuned. Also, because several people have inquired, if you didn’t get a chance to participate … More Final Stop: Hangar 18

Cult of Personality

And while Hollowstone is out, The Magical Mystery Virtual Book Tour isn’t over. My next stop is at The Jack Fiend’s Lair where my main girl and I sit down for a Q&A on Hollowstone, writing and being from the Dirty South. After that I’m stopping by the website of the lovely and talented Corinne … More Cult of Personality

The Greatest Expression

The Magical Mystery Virtual Book Tour is still going strong. And today we’ve got two stops. First up, I have the pleasure of sitting down with Joy E. over at The Greatest Expression. We discuss writing being a form of activism and why Neely Daniels kicks all kinds of ass. Next, yours truly has a guest post up over … More The Greatest Expression

London Bridges

And the Hollowstone Virtual Book Tour now finds me in jolly ole England. In southeast London to be precise. So much to see here. Curious, some skinny guy with shiny spiky hair and a beautiful black woman just dashed into a blue police box. Wonder what that’s all about? Anyway. Today is real treat because … More London Bridges

A 1973 Original

And because I can’t stop and I won’t stop, I’m still in the middle of my Hollowstone Virtual Book Tour. Next stop, the windy city of Chi Town where Cypheroftyr, a 1973 original one print edition, conducts a most powerful interview on the challenges marginalized writers and fans have to contend with.

Learning From Beans

Up next on the Hollowstone Virtual Book Tour…….[stops car], oh snap, we’re back in Franklin, TN. Anyway, I had the pleasure of sitting down for a fun one-on-one interview with lovebri and boy do I ever, LOVE BRI!!!! She’s awesome. But don’t take my word for it. Have a gander.

The Longshot That Could

Up next on the virtual book tour is is the blog of gwyd: central hub of the 411. One of the most informative blogs I read with links to interesting news articles, posts and discussions, gwyd‘s blog is a must read for me to get all my news and to know what’s going on in the world, … More The Longshot That Could

On Our Next Stop

And the next stop on the virtual book tour, aphephobia‘s blog. Below is the interview I recently had the pleasure in participating in. ___________________ So, on June 17th, the lovely and talented neo_prodigy’s debut novel, Hollowstone hits the market, and he’s doing a virtual book tour. I’ve only known Neo for… about a year, I think it’s been, … More On Our Next Stop

Profound Media Lessons Learned By An Impressionable Mind

The next stop on the Hollowstone Virtual Book Tour finds us at the blog of speculative author and all-around awesome lady, Karrin Jackson. I recently had the honor and privilege of penning a guest post entitled Profound Media Lessons Learned By An Impressionable Mind. It’s a piece I’m proud of and I strongly urge you to … More Profound Media Lessons Learned By An Impressionable Mind