Introducing: A More Diverse Universe Blog Tour

So last week I signed up for this most important event. Why is this important? Aarti explains why. “I’ve spoken on this blog (and in other forums) about the lack of diversity in fantasy fiction, particularly fantasy fiction of the epic nature.  If epic fantasy has diversity, it is often present in a fashion that mirrors … More Introducing: A More Diverse Universe Blog Tour

Review: Corruption

Synopsis: Mahogany Carroll is a unrepentant cougar; Jordan Yoshito is a precocious cub. Jordan’s struggling with finding his way in the world, and Mahogany’s struggling with needing more than just great sex. Mahogany likes her men young and Jordan prefers his women experienced, thus the relationship they enter is supposed to be no more than … More Review: Corruption

Banned Book Week

So it’s Banned Book Week. I was actually surprised at the number of books I’ve read from thisbanned/challenged list. There’s a number of titles I’ve been meaning to get around to reading which I should probably do. Bold titles are the ones I’ve read. Which ones have you read? 1. Harry Potter (series), by J.K. … More Banned Book Week