Character Study: Phil Coulson


It’s always the quiet ones. Even more so if they’re also the little guy. This is most certainly the case if that quiet little guy is one Phil Coulson.

Coulson isn’t exactly a character one would initially expect to have a loyal following, much less receive a spin-off tv series. Played flawlessly by the charming and handsome Clark Gregg, when Coulson first debuted in Iron Man, he made it a point to be as quiet and non-assuming as humanly possible.

Understandable, given that he is a secret agent.

While most people would take Coulson at face value, a few of us immediately recognized that when it came to our Secret Agent Man, there was more to him than meets the eye.

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The Consultant

So confession time. I’ve been smitten with actor Clark Gregg and think that he was the sexiest thing in both the Avengers and the Iron Man films. Agent Phil Coulson was one of my favorite characters and he brought an understated cool, mystique and hint of an adorkable charm that was rare, nuanced and refreshing. And let’s keep it 100, the man is hella sexy. Case in point.