Color Commentary: Operation Orpheus

Color Commentary is back and for this special edition, we’re taking aim at Nashville Pride.

I suppose a little backstory is in order.

Even though I’m an unapologetic MSM of color who lists Midnighter, Brian Kinney and Alan Turing as his Patronuses, as a general rule I usually shun Pride and most Gay Inc (read: cis white privileged) functions. They tend to be bigoted toxic cesspools of antiblackness.

These pieces here and here  and here discuss why Pride is problematic for many of us. While some LGBTQs may understandably attend (as is their right), others steer clear.

Varying mileage and all of that.

The horror stories I’ve heard about Nashville Pride specifically had been more than enough to keep me away. Which is why my response when folks ask me if I plan on attending local Pride events is:


And when they insist I should attend and connect with the local “community” for my benefit:



So of course last year The #NoH8 Campaign was going to be present and thus force me to attend.

Getting a #NoH8 Campaign pic had been on my bucket list for a number of years.  I like the campaign, what it’s come to represent, and I wanted to participate. Even if it meant venturing into basic bitch hell to do so.

This one was going to be one for the ages. After all, nothing says Adventure Time like going through Tartarus to achieve an objective.

And so #OperationOrpheus was born.

The following social media updates chronicle my musings and what transpired.

Fair warning, the shade is real.

giphy (5)


No really. …….



Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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Color Commentary: Iron Cyst and the Return of the Draggin’

Just when Marvel thought it was safe.

Color Commentary is back and this time we’re breaking out the Snark Fu once more on arguably the biggest disaster of 2017: Netflix’s Iron Fist.

That’s right. Myself and Madame Gao will once again be providing the tea, the shade, and the truth on all things Discount Arrow.


But wait. There’s more. For this Ben-Hurring sequel. I’m not alone. That’s right, I’m bringing backup.


Normally I’d be providing a disclaimer at this point and juncture but if you’re stanning and caping for this tripe, then you deserve to have your fee fees hurt.


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Color Commentary: 45 And The New Regime

Color Commentary returns and for this special installment, we’re taking on the new regime that is the Trump Administration and the corrupt society that made it a reality.

Because let’s be honest, reality requires more suspension of disbelief these days than fantasy does.

Warning: The following post contains explicit depictions of white hoods and white capes being snatched.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Onto the read. The library is now open, you can call me Rupert Giles.


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Color Commentary: 50 Shades of Grey

 Color Commentary is back and in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re critiquing  the 2015 major motion picture, 50 Shades of Grey. In the tradition of Honest Trailers and Mystery Science Theater 3000, this commentary is done in complete satire, is intended for a mature audience and is meant for entertainment purposes. In other words, if you take any of this seriously, you are a fracking idiot.

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Color Commentary: Disney’s Frozen

In honor of the nationwide “snow day”, Color Commentary is back and this time it is taking on Disney’s Frozen. But don’t let the weather or the movie title fool you. No chill will be found in this post.

Color Commentary is done in complete satire, intended for mature audiences, and meant for entertainment purposes. In other words, if you take any of this seriously, you are a fracking idiot.

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