Reading Will Save The World

Talented musician and very good buddy Gordon Roque had some very awesome things to say about my novel Hollowstone. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go do the Dance of Joy: _________________________________________________ A couple of months ago, I bought and downloaded a book called Hollowstone into my Kindle. In the interest of full … More Reading Will Save The World

Romance Lives Forever

So in honor of Outlantacon which is going down this weekend (and if you’re in the Atlanta area, you need to be there), yours truly was interviewed by good friend, fellow author and fellow Outlantacon guest, the lovely Kayelle Allen.

MidSouthCon: Review

MidSouthCon was an absolute blast. I had an amazing time and I can’t thank the people behind the con enough for inviting me nor can I thank the attendees and fellow guests for making me feel welcomed. The panels were excellent. We had some great discussions on the broken people panel and the audience really … More MidSouthCon: Review