The Return To Outer Alliance

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In the latest Outer Alliance Podcast, I return and sit down (and yammer like a dork) with the ever wonderful Julia Rios to discuss my latest novel, West of Sunset and Black Speculative Fiction Month.

Rios also pays a warm tribute to the life and work of the late Eugie Foster.


4 Questions, Eight Answers

So recently yours truly had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a discussion on the Outer Alliance Podcast.

Hat tip to the ever-wonderful Julia Rios for setting this up.

See what happens when 8 OA members answer the same four questions (about SF awards, what “metrosexual” means, identity politics and the term QUILTBAG, and recommended media from 2013) and provide a wide range of perspectives on each subject.

Hollowstone? Don’t Mind If I Do



Did you miss the Hollowstone Giveaway? Here’s another chance.

In celebration of the first anniversary of the Outer Alliance podcast, the lovely Julia Rios is hosting a giveaway. In addition to a signed copy of Hollowstone, a signed edition from my good friend Steve Berman as well as many other awesome prizes.

The contest is open until the end of November. Winners will be drawn in December. To enter, send Julia an email ( with “Podcast Contest” in the subject line. She will ship anywhere in the world so everyone is actually eligible. Yes, that means you.

    No really. That means you.


And in other news of AWESOME…..don’t forget, this Saturday, Nov. 19th: