And I Quote

“The path of the One is made by many.” —The Oracle, The Matrix films Be it a social media post, an academic essay, a news article, or a novella, many of my readers know that I am very prone to include profound quotes in my work. A number of those quotes have guided me and … More And I Quote


“Come with every wound and every man you’ve ever loved; every lie you’ve ever told and whatever it is that keeps you up at night. Every mouth you’ve punched in, all the blood you’ve ever tasted. Come with every enemy you’ve ever made and all the family you’ve ever buried and every dirty thing you’ve … More Epiphany

Jobs Well Done

  “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” -Steve Jobs   As most of you are no doubt aware, yesterday we lost Apple co-founder, inventor and visionary Steve Jobs along with Civil Rights leader Fred Shuttlesworth. This will surprise no one who has known me for over five seconds but … More Jobs Well Done

Dyslexia and Me

So over on SisterSpooky: Book Fangirl, my good friend Laura (aka Sisterspooky) penned a very powerful piece on dyslexia and how she functions with this condition. I’ve known Laura for many years and she is hands down one of the smartest, most beautfiul, quirky and amazing souls I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. I … More Dyslexia and Me